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experimenting with mutations

Penny W


I may be new to this game but I am trying to get on top of different mutations, I like the penguins, and have a pair, but they are both quite small so I have paired them with better sized birds with the view to next year crossing the babies and getting some bigger penguins (well, that is the plan). Last weekend I managed to acquire a large penguin cock and have paired him up - but so far, no eggs - we'll see. I also have several split black cheek chicks - with the intention of breeding some of my 'own' black cheeks next year. I know it will be a long journey, if my understanding of genetics is right by crossing 2 splits I should get 25% pure, 50% split and 25% who are not carrying the recessive gene. One chick I have from 2 normal looks like it may turn out to be a black cheek, meaning both parents must be split. I need to wait for him/her to moult out to be sure.

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I tried a similar situation with a split BC hen (that I bred from a BC cock) paired to an unrelated BC cock and got 5 chicks with non being BC.

I don't know what the laws of probability are but I was quite disappointed. I think you can only be certain of producing what you want by pairing both visual birds.

Good luck.


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