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    welcome to the zebra finch addiction when ever you introduce birds you will always get a bit off fighting that just how zebbies are!!!!. if I put birds into my outside flight I try add more then one at a time but my flights are big enough for them to get out of the way of the established birds.. when I am grouping in double breeders/wire doubles or internal flight cages.. again I try more then one bird at a time but do just put one in sometimes as that's all I have. a trick you could try is to take the current occupants out for half an hour or so!!! swap perches around move the drinkers and seed/ grit dishes and cuttle to different parts of the cage then add all the birds back in together.. the established birds tend to be more interested with finding food and water an working out where there fav roosting perch has gone then be bothered about starting a fight. something else that works is when putting them back in give them a treat??? nice piece of millet or some fresh greens. think distraction is the key... no matter what you do try only add birds when you have the time to spend a couple or 3 hours been able to keep an eye on them... no matter what you try you will get squabbles that's just zebs.. good luck Andy