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  1. paulm

    Happy Birthday Trevor

    Happy Birthday Trev Mate, hope you have a great day. Paul.
  2. paulm

    Fawn 2012

    Hi Clare I don't really show much but i will see how next breeding season goes. Paul
  3. paulm

    Fawn 2012

    Thanks Emmy. Its nice to know where they come from so you can pair them up without worrying they are related. it can be a bit of a challenge cage breeding at times as sometime they don't always like the partner we pick for them, i always put the hen in the breeding cage first for a week or more so any bond she has formed with any other zebra is broken "make sure she cant see the ex partner if they had one" and then put the cock in for a show or other small cage so they are not panicked and introduce him into the breeding cage from there, the cock once you back away should sing to the hen and she will buzz her beak and tail and mating should happen, if they are fighting or chasing each other it can be a sign thing may not run smooth. Remember two cocks or two hens can form a same sex pair with the bond being just as strong as a true pair and this can lead to them fighting with any new partners as well. Paul.
  4. paulm

    Fawn 2012

    Emmy they have their eyes on you all right :0, i always liked the BC's just no room for another colour lol. Here a young hen 6 months old
  5. paulm

    Fawn 2012

    Hi Gary Thanks their coming along excited for next breeding season. Hi Emmy I'm not really one for showing i do it now and again just to keep my eye in. Thanks for the positive comments. Paul.
  6. paulm

    Fawn 2012

    Hi Folks good to be back Heres some Fawns
  7. paulm

    Happy Birthday Rzebie

    Happy Belated Birthday Ricky, sorry its late been very busy. Paul.
  8. paulm

    Bb Cfw

    Hi Look at the tail Barr's if its a CFW BB the tail Barr's will be different to normal. Paul.
  9. paulm

    Split Bc Cock

    Ok Just give him time to finish then, he's still got black on his beak and some birds can be later developer's.
  10. paulm

    Split Bc Cock

    Hi In the photos it kind of looks like a Normal Hen with cock marks you do get this from time to time, does it have chest barring and on the pictures i can't see any flanks either what are they like?
  11. paulm

    Surprise In Nest!

    Hi Trev There's that Dilute vs Isabel thing again
  12. paulm

    Surprise In Nest!

    Hi Emmy You can pair one of those Grey Chicks to the white hen with black cheeks as they are split for BC and White and that will produce what you after with any luck Paul.
  13. paulm

    Surprise In Nest!

    Hi Emmy I Don't think you would produce any visual BC chicks from the white pair as that cock has been pair to a BC visual hen and not produced any BC chicks, this means he has no BC in him, but on the plus side it means he not related to the hen. Paul.
  14. paulm

    Surprise In Nest!

    Hi Emmy The male Recessive white at the top is not BC or Split BC I'm afraid as paired to the hen they would of produce visual BC's, but on the plus side your chick will all be split for BC, the cock must be a pied too looking at those chicks, the Brownie looking chick looks like A very light fawn or a cream to me, so that would mean the cock split for Fawn and maybe even Cream, that would make him a Recessive White,Pied,Fawn,Possible Dominant dilute cock The bottom ones are Both BC though Paul.
  15. paulm


    Hi Stephen Sorry but you've missed the point.