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10 months on

Penny W


I haven't updated this for nearly 10 months - very lax of me! I still have my zebs - rather a lot in fact (to think that 4 years ago I had none). I bred some late last year as well as this year so have about 100 youngsters - 60 of which have this years rings. I know I need to shift some but I never know who needs to go, maybe I'll wait until they are a bit older?! I have tried some new mutations this year with some creams and one grey cheek cock and one fawn cheek hen. So far the fawn cheek hen has not laid a fertile egg, despite a selection of husbands!, The grey cheek cock is quite prolific - but he has given me a few fawns and CFWs as well as grey cheeks. I have not done so well with my creams, I was told to pair creams to fawns and made up 6 pairs - only one produced chicks, the first round, they had 4, 1 cream and 3 fawn, the next round, they only had 2 of their own, both cream but unfortunately one died. They are good parents, I have had a few pairs who will not feed their chicks so I  have done a bit of chick moving, I try hard to move chicks to nests of different colour pairs so that when they fledge I know who belongs to who!. A tip I got off one breeder is to split ring all birds of the same parentage with the same colur ring. This has proved very useful, I can look at my youngsters and know who breeds the best chicks. 

Aside from the birds life has been busy with wedding preparations, Sreve and I get married in 3 weeks, it is a bit of an unconventional wedding with me arriving on a motor-trike (so I do not have to wear a helmet) with an bike escort - bout 30 of them! After the wedding we are off to the Isle of man for the TT races for our honeymoon. I'm taking some finches with me as when I advertised some penguins last year a guy in the Isle of Man said he wished he lived closer - I offered delivery and he jumped at the chance!

I'm intending to put the fawns and creams down again when we go away and see if they breed better having had time in the flights strettching their wings - we'll see. I'm not holding my breath though!




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You are lucky Penny. I've tried Cream this year and paired the same as you but all I've had is Fawn.

Nice photo of you and Steve in this week's C&AB mag. Hope all goes well for your up coming wedding.


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