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  1. Broughy


    Hi gaz Sound like a good plan. Hope to see the birds on tbe show bench soon Ryan
  2. Broughy


    Hi Gaz Hope the birds have settled in nicely all three normals are spilt for penguin so this will be a bit of a head start for you. These are my Adult Penguins which were second in there class at Stafford my current year birds were Third in there class unfortunately I didn't get any pic on the day The below birds are from the champion Class and won Best Penguins If you need any help mate just give me a shout Good luck Ryan
  3. Looks to be a hen to me carrying some cock bird makings this is quite a common fault when trying to get clean penguins Ryan
  4. hi all Thanks for all my birthday wishes, had a nice morning but had to work the afternoon shift cheers broughy
  5. hi dave thanks that would be great cheers ryan
  6. hi dave i would be interested in the penguins can you pm me some more details of what you might have to go and price's cheers Ryan
  7. hi all going back into grand perants breeding the cock that breed the pictured bird was breed from a lightback cock - greycheek hen the hen that breed the pictured bird was breed from lightback cock - greycheck hen but not the same pair ............ i have not got any records further back than this as these birds were bought in and i no longer have there perantage recorded probabbly because it was hand written cheers ryan
  8. hi all Its breed for a normal grey cock bird to a grey cheek hen i will have to cheek further back for grand parents but its from birds i have breed myself over the last few years and i dont have any blackbrested at all and never have had so maybe its got some blackbrested in it from a distant relation. this is the first and only bird i have breed with this color so its a new one on me cheers Ryan
  9. Hi allI would say the dirty head comes from the parent birds as i used normals in my cfw to get there size up then once happy with the size then pair cfw to cfw to hopefully get clean heads after a few breeding season of cfw to cfw the dirty heads can become a rare occurance cheersRyan
  10. hi marki joined the zfs first then the zffuk i only done it that way as i had seen the zfs in the cage and aviary bird paper as my farther used to get it every week cheers Ryan
  11. Broughy


    Are they at stafford in December could you pm there number Cheers Ryan
  12. Broughy


    Are they at stafford in December could you pm there number Cheers Ryan
  13. Broughy


    Hi jugglerjeffdo you have a contact for winterbottoms as I really would like to get hold of a good pair of penguis or two CheersRyan
  14. hi all just throught i would introduce myself to the forum been keeping zebras for about two years now and last year joined the zfs with the intensions to try and show some of my birds. i have been reading most of the post for a few weeks now and will try and post some pic of my birds please feel free to make coments would like to now what people thinkcheers ryan