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  1. This is the brother to her. He is a crested bc eumo male split for cfw and red eyes. Again he will need to moult out as all his chest should be black.
  2. Thank you Stuart. Andy- it's hard enough to say when you haven't had a drink yes the red eye is from overseas. Her parents came from the Netherlands. As far as I know she's the only one like it in the uk. This is going off what other Breeders have . Don't know anyone else with cfw eumo. My next target is to add bc to her. Chris.
  3. Hi all, This male has turned out real well for me. He has a brother which is alot more paler than him. Looking forward to using him for next season. Chris.
  4. Hi all, Just sharing one of my hens I have recently bred. she has a bit more moulting out to do yet but very happy with how she has turned out. Chris.
  5. 2016 silver blackface blackbreast male. Just thought I would share one of my target with you all. Very pleased with how he has turned out.
  6. Funny you should say that, I have that exact pairing. This is what they have in the nest....
  7. Cheers Claire, I'm hoping for some others to come out this side of Christmas. Few pairs just hatched eggs this week.
  8. Hi all, My favourite normal grey male, I have him paired to a nice size cream female. There on 6 eggs at the moment so will have to wait and see. Chris
  9. Hi all, A few of my blackface silver male I have bred this year. As you can see they vary alot in shades of silver also there cheek patches vary to. Hope you like them. Chris
  10. Hi all, Just one of my chicks I had out the nest a bb/ob silver chick. May be a female will have to wait and see. Hopefully the link has worked below for thepicture. Chris
  11. Hi all, It been a very long time since I have been on the forum but have still been keeping and breeding my zebs. This is one of my goals this season and its all gone to plan. A triple black male. Also has a sister which is also a triple black hen. You comments please. Thanks
  12. Cracking bird mate, well done. Chris
  13. Hi Trevor, Yes over the moon with these, couldn't of asked for anymore. Hit my target in two season which is very lucky. I see you also have bred a 3b male, look very smart mate. I'll keep you posted with pics when moulted out. Chris
  14. Hi all, Christmas has came early for me, had these 2 come out the nest; Crbfbbbc male Crbfbbbc female Very happy with these. Your comments please Chris
  15. Hi Kareem, I would say a bb grey hen. Nice looking bird. Chris