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  1. Belated birthday greetings, hope you had a good one !
  2. Lovely birds Sarah, how many budgies do you have ! ?
  3. Welcome to the forum allan
  4. Welcome to the forum shelley, zebra finches really are the cutest birds around, you will really love having them
  5. what gorgeous birds you have, i hope you have a lot of success with them
  6. yes, just lately it has been, i dont know where everybody's gone, perhaps they are on holiday ?
  7. hiya, welcome to the forum !!!
  8. cuddles is sooooo cute ! i am not surprised he/she will be staying, well done on bringing up such a cracking looking bird
  9. thankyou stuart, i hope too very soon
  10. £100.00 plus EACH!! omg thats daylight robbery!!! i do not have any zebs yet but i intend to get some soon and possibly some bengalese. i love these little birds and all the colours they come in. i am on the fife canary forum, i have only just started in birds and its been nothing but disaster, but i love my little fifes anyway it seems to me (but i may be wrong) that members of my local cbs seem to look down on these wonderful little birds, one person looked really embarrased when they said they bred bengalese !!! well, i love them and i dont care what other bird breeders think of them.