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    Bath time

    Love watching them bath in the morning then preen themselves
  2. Just wondering if my splits have thrown up a fawn cheers Kev
  3. I would Rich they absolutely love it with all the perches available they are always on the rope
  4. no its just a hobby and all are colony bred I did just have pure penguins but some one at a bird sale sold me 4 female penguins that were split now I have a mixture do have some nice mutations though even threw up a single black cheek lol
  5. Put a rope in the new flight and they're loving it
  6. Another four chicks come out and a nice surprise with this one as I have no black cheeks
  7. Cheers Andyn I looked it up and penguins have diluted tails so the dark ones are splits or normal I assume also no tear drops so I know one of the offending females lol. Quite like the mix so will see where it goes for a while.
  8. Does anyone know how to sex Java sparrows please
  9. can you tell pure bred penguins from splits, I had 4 pairs of pures from an aviary centre but had 2 females escape and 1 die so I bought 4 females from a breeder at a bird sale but now have splits and as mine are colony bred its hard to tell who are the true parents as nine fledged at once. here are some. do penguins have white tails as some now have the bars on the tails
  10. Thanks will see how they turn out when they get adult plumage
  11. as they are in the aviary every time I try to photograph them they hide in top corner. I assume the spots on the head are moulting with new feathers coming through its just I never noticed this on my others mum is last pic she is one I've brought in from another breeder whereas my others are from show stock.
  12. This is another one I have 9 out of the nest at the moment another fawn hopefully better luck with this one mainly normal and this one and a couple more with white blotches are these pied or something different, cheers Kev
  13. yes it is fawn but sadly I found it dead yesterday morning we had a sparrow hawk around yesterday but it might of been something else the father was from a fawn mother
  14. the mother is normal with cream belly like the bottom one the father is normal
  15. can you tell what type of penguin these will be please thanks in advance
  16. Thank you all for your nice comments on the photo when I saw them all sat on the drinker I knew it was a good shot, shame I didn't realise about the monthly photo comp.but we live and learn
  17. Thanks I must remember the monthly photo in future
  18. Thanks I will get the hang of it one day lol. Here is a pic of my latest three all siblings
  19. this was when it came out of nest sorry its not that clear
  20. My first chicks I bred had one white chick which had an orange beak from day 1 my second lot of chicks has 1 white chick but has a black beak with a cheek patch and has just left the nest whats the difference in mutation please
  21. I have two chicks that are now six weeks old one I think is female the other leaning towards male because of light fawn cheek marks but being white is hard to tell
  22. That is helpful thanks the father is a fawn penguin cock and the mother is normal penquin.