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busy week

Penny W


well, since the weekend there have been ups and downs - maybe more downs than ups :-(

One nest of 4 CFW chicks, nearly fledged, one died, it looked like it had moved away from its siblings and got cold?, its crop was full.

Of my 2 first chicks, today I noticed them feeding themselves which cheered me, 2 hours later when I went into the bird room, one of them was dead

A nest of 5 CFW chicks have all been plucked by one or both of their parents, the hen has also been plucked bald. I have removed the hen and the cock seems to be feeding the chicks OK, I'm not sure if they will regrow their feathers though??

On the plus side, the pair who hatched their first chick last Saturday now have 4 chicks - so far all doing well, but it is early days.

I'm expecting my bigger babies to leave the nest in the next few days - they are beginning to look a little cramped in their nest boxes, especially the pair with 6 chicks!

I'll see what the next week brings.


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