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  2. Hi Paul, It looks like you have a very young inexperienced pair of birds. sometimes it takes a while for a pair to start breeding properly and you often find that the hen will lay multiple clutches without sitting on them until the chick’s hatch. I would advise you to perceiver and at some point, they will click, and the process will start. However, you need to be prepared as Zebra Finches can be quite prolific breeders and you many end up with more birds than you can keep or want. The only way to stop the hen from laying egg is to split the birds up and this will also give the hen a rest for producing so many eggs. I hope you find my reply useful and please do not hesitate to ask further questions should the need arise. Gary
  3. Hi Lee, Nice to see you back on the forum. Are you still keep zebs? Gary
  4. Nice to look back at some of the birds i used to have 😁👍
  5. Disappointing lack of response in this forum. What is the best source for learning how to manage zebra finches, and how to keep them happy.

    1. Zebraman


      Hi Paul,

      I'm sorry to hear that you have not had much responce to your question.

      I have replied to your post and hopfully this will give you some guidance for the future.

      If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to post or add to the topice.

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