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  2. Hi Nikki,welcome to the forum,great advice from Gary
  3. Hi Nikki, Welcome to the forum. This can happen sometimes with inexperienced pairs, the parent tend to catch the young when leaving the nest and they flick the young out on to the floor. It can also happen if the nest has been built shallow allowing the chicks to be easily fall out or be flicked out. I'd give them another go, but try to make sure there's a nice pocket for the chicks to be lower down in the nest. I hope this helps. Gary.
  4. I have a pair of zebra finches breeding for the first time i have no previous experience of bird breeding. They hatched four chicks, one was tossed and dead when i found it, then all ok, then another tossed i ut it straight back in all ok. 24 hours later two tossed , big and fat so had been fed but on the floor and dad had pecked off their limbs, 24 hours later final one tossed, fat and fed on floor dad had pecked off limbs. Both parents had sat on eggs. i offer fruit and veg slices on floor so i dont think dad was being malicious, they just peck whatever is on the floor. I am devastated and dont know what to do next or why this happened please help
  5. Looking at the photos I would agree that it looks like a Fawn. But look closely at the chest bar and see if there is a hint of orange at all. (just to be sure it's not a split Orange Breast Fawn)
  6. Kev Barrett

    Bath time

    Love watching them bath in the morning then preen themselves
  7. Just wondering if my splits have thrown up a fawn cheers Kev
  8. I would Rich they absolutely love it with all the perches available they are always on the rope
  9. Rich

    Loving the rope

    Nice idea, just finished building a new outside flight think I will include a rope for them now as well.
  10. Andyn

    Loving the rope

    I know what you mean, Had two Fawn chicks from fawn parents and the chicks are Orange Breast. Knowing where the parents came from I'm surprised but the gene could be sitting dormant for years. Always a surprise just around the corner with these little birds.
  11. no its just a hobby and all are colony bred I did just have pure penguins but some one at a bird sale sold me 4 female penguins that were split now I have a mixture do have some nice mutations though even threw up a single black cheek lol
  12. Andyn

    Loving the rope

    Nice idea, we have rope loops and they are always trying to steal the end string. It's quite funny to see how frustrated they get. Do you show your birds Kev?.
  13. Put a rope in the new flight and they're loving it
  14. All 5 chicks are feeding themselves now and doing really well Interesting colour mix so far! As you say be interesting when they moult out at the moment 3 are all white ,one all gray and one is white but flecked over head back with grey . Think you are right about the cock bird .
  15. Well done Rich, Your parent hen looks to be a Fawn Cheek so possibly some of the chicks might be too. To be honest I'm thinking the Cock might be Fawn cheek too. Be interesting to see what the chicks turn out to be when moulted out.
  16. 5 in the nest look like 4 are chestnut flanked and one is going to be a fawn. lovely birds parents doing great feeding and looking after them eldest 3 chicks are 14 days.
  17. Hi Merv,

    Do you remember me?I have been trying to phone you but your landline is permanently engaged.SinceI last spoke to you,I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been having treatment over the last couple of years.I am now in remission and am keen to make a start with Zebra Finches again, and was wondering whether you might be able to help me out with some stock, or would know of anyone who could.It would be good to catch up and perhaps even actually meet you in person!

    I hope all is well with you.

    Best Wishes,

    Peter Finn

    (not the Canary breeder!)


  18. When it gets a too hot in my bird room I set a desk fan going on number 3 with oscillation to cover as much of the building as possible. (placed usually in a corner). But I would suggest that if you use a fan don't have it facing the cage full time. If possible use the oscillation and have the fan on a timer switch set for every 30 mins on for 10 mins. (that way the birds don't get buffeted) Just my thoughts. Usually the birds will pant/gasp and the feathers will be pulled tight if they are too hot or stressed.
  19. Hi, There will be a heatwave in Paris soon and I have my couple of zebra finches that is brooding eggs. It will probably be around 30°C in my flat and I` would like to know what I could do to increase their comfort. Of course they will have fresh water and a bath every day but I won't be at home during the day. I know they originally come from Australia but they won't find fresh spots in their cage. Thank you for your advice, Best, Mégane
  20. Will try to come along if time permits By the way my pair of CFW have 4 chicks 3 days old they didnt hang about.
  21. The start of the season in middle December through to end February was horrendous. I must have binned more dead chicks than I had adult birds in the shed. Then it went a lot better. I have rung 65 but have lost some after ringing so have about 58 ish. Normals didn't breed at all well only 6 surviving, Pied and the White bred like rabbits with CFW and Fawn/Cream doing quite well. But because they are later bred they might not be up to scratch in time for the Bigger Shows. By the way, my club holds a Summer Show in August so if you want to come and see just give a shout. Our Website is www.swandsczfc.uk There is a copy of the Show Schedule with all the details you'll need. Andy N
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