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Penny W


it's been a while since I updated my blog.

I'm winding down on breeding now as we are away at the end of April and I don't want to have to ask the neighbour to have to check nest boxes. It's giving me a chance to take stock and work out what I have and what I want to keep. We seem to have ended up with an abundance of cages (a lot of which are flat packed in the loft at present) Last weekend, when it was the Stafford Sale we had arranged to buy a load of cages from a guy who was giving up the hobby, he lived nearby so we made a weekend of it, collecting his cages on the Saturday, staying overnight in Stafford then a quick whizz in and out of the Stafford Sale on Sunday morning. The finches there were a bit of a disappointment but Steve got some budgies that he was pleased with.

Yesterday we drove to Kent in a hired lorry (with a 56mph speed limiter), a 4 hour drive, to collect a shed for the birds, problem was we had to dismantle it and it was not just a shed, it was insulated and lined. We got there at 9am, left at 3pm. By the time we had unloaded and returned the lorry to the depot it was almost 10pm, we were exhausted. I'm sure it will be worth it when the shed is built and up and running.

This evening we took the latest 11 babies from their parents and put them in a bigger cage. I seem to do really well on breeding cocks - hens are a bit of a rarity in my fledgling cage so if anyone has a glut of hens they would like to swap...................????!!!!

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