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Penny W


When I started my blog I had half a dozen finches (late last year). Emmy commented that 6 often turns into many more, well yesterday I had a count up - 84 plus 6 tiny chicks and several eggs being incubated! Hmm, time for a bit of a sort out methinks!

Our new bird house and aviary is taking shape in the garden, can't wait until it is up and running, we might need a bigger one before we move in if I'm not careful!


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we might need a bigger one before we move in


I did warn you Penny re the finches multiplying :D;) 

(re the quote above I'd change the words 'might need' to MUST GET   I'm talking from experience here  :D

This is what is likely to happen when you buy a pair of zebra finches.

Progress sheet: Things in order of buying:

1. cage

2. larger cage

3. more cages

4. bird shed

5. aviary/with inside flight

6. LOTS of feeders and drinkers and bird baths

7. More birds /need more space

8. 2nd Bird shed larger than the previous one

It NEVER stops!!:lol:




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