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I'm a Granny (sort of)

Penny W


12 months ago I had no idea that I would own any birds, in fact if anyone had told me I wouldn't have believed them! BUT, in October I got my first birds. I was impatient to pair up and put one pair down too early to use 2016 ZFS rings. The net result was 2 chicks, only one of those survived. I put a split ring on him so I knew which one he was. Anyway, I paired him up a few weeks ago, result 6 fertile eggs, 2 hatched yesterday and one today (but that baby was dead and the parents through it out), so 3 eggs to go, but whether they hatch or not, I'm still a granny to 2 chicks! (Proud Granny moment!!).

The birds in the big flight have been enjoying the outdoors, I shut them in at night (with a little persuasion). I haven't let them out the last few days - it's been so windy I think they would have been blown off the perches! Roll on next summer!

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