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  2. Happy Birthday Andyn πŸŽ‚πŸΊ

    Hi Andy, I hope you are feeling better, many happy returns for your second birthday next week. Gary
  3. Happy Birthday Andyn πŸŽ‚πŸΊ

    Sorry this is late Andy but hope you have a very Happy time on your '2nd birthday ' and that you'll be feeling much better then. Emmy
  4. it was ok not the best though but depends as varies each week haha
  5. Another year, Another story :)

    how was Wigan? not been for a while...
  6. Happy Birthday Andyn πŸŽ‚πŸΊ

    Thanks Lee. Feeling a little better today too.
  7. Happy Birthday Andyn πŸŽ‚πŸΊ

    Happy Birthday fella hope you feel better soon
  8. Just a quick update before i shoot off to tonight auction in wigan Sadly lost the Diamond dove hen we think she was an older bird as she was healthy, not skinny, not stressed or anything. male is going mad as he has "needs" haha Tonight i am taking 13! budgies!........yes.....13! it was meant to be 15 but 2 decided to pair up and so i am trying them in my room......its just one pair.....what harm can be done? *remembers one pair last time.........40+ later* they have been in my room for 2 days.....and already mating and sitting outside the nest box.....i have to have luck breeding something apart from fish this year This is leaving me with 11 budgies to work with.....but that number might go down again if these two don't breed haha. they are a lovely pair too, a blue goldenface pied male and a grey exhibition hen .....dirty monsters are "at" it again while im typing this haha! Additionally i am feeling a lot less stressed at the moment, me and my tutors have decided that leaving and resuming my study's in september is going to be the best option as i am getting too stressed and dealing with a lot at the moment but i'm fighting through it (sorry to get all personal haha)
  9. Happy Birthday Andyn πŸŽ‚πŸΊ

    Thank you Trevor, I've cancelled this one and having it next week, hopefully I will feel better by then. I'll be like the Queen then and have two birthdays. Cheers Andy
  10. All the best mate and have a great day πŸ‘ Trevor πŸ˜ƒ
  11. different colour chicks

    Is this pic any better Trevor
  12. different colour chicks

    Nice one Trevor! Think I got tied up on the word 'White'
  13. different colour chicks

    That is helpful thanks the father is a fawn penguin cock and the mother is normal penquin.
  14. different colour chicks

    That's OK Kev, Penguin don't have tear marks but the point I was using is that if the White colour bird/chick has tear marks then it could be any other mutation and one which springs to mind being White is Chestnut Flanked White. There are loads of possibilities and it looks like a member who has more mutation experience than me is answering.
  15. different colour chicks

    Young penguin chicks look like normal chicks and that’s how penguins get sold unknown to the breeder as they lose the tear as they moult out. Your light coloured chick is from the Fawn side as it’s got a bone coloured beak, the grey side chicks have dark coloured beaks. Hope this helps. Trevor πŸ˜ƒ
  16. different colour chicks

  17. different colour chicks

    Hi Kev and welcome to the forum. If your chick was pink at hatching and is all over pure white then this will possibly be a Pied/White. Your photo didn't really do it justice. If it has tear marks then it is some other mutation like Chestnut Flanked White. Both parents need to be carrying the Pied/White gene to produce a White.. Show us again a little later and we should be able to ID proper..
  18. Hi, new member

    Hi Dave, if you are free this Sunday it' the first big Stafford Show ON Sunday...... A good chance to pop by the ZFS stand and similar clubs and get back in the swing again......
  19. Hi, new member

    Hi, lm a new member on this forum. I used to keep zebras about 30 years ago,lim looking to start again ,later this year. I'm lost now because of the new mutation, I'm in south Hampshire. Is there any good breeders and clubs still in this area, I used to go to Southampton for the zebra club. I'm interested in meeting some breeders in this area.Dave
  20. different colour chicks

    here is how they look now
  21. different colour chicks

    Welcome to the forum Kev. I'm not much good at working out colours but sometimes this happens and you get different colour of chicks in a nest I think it has something to do with the 'genes' the parent birds may be carrying. Maybe the colour isn't visible in the parent bird but they could be 'split' for another colour (some gene/colour that has been carried down from a previous generation.) Fingers crossed some other member will jump in here and answer your question in case I've got this all wrong. (Bet you will be more confused that ever after reading my answer but that's what I blame it on when I don't get the colours I wanted/expected to hatch out Emmy
  22. 1st Creams of 2018

    Really beautiful chicks Trevor you have the patience of a Saint Trevor but you WILL there. Emmy
  23. different colour chicks

    Hi I'm new to having finches and I have some Penguin finches and now have had two chicks hatched but when they hatched the first was pink and the second black is this common. Also as they have got bigger the first one the pink one looks like it might be albino as its pure white the other is still black feathered. so are all pink chicks albino' cheers Kev
  24. 1st Creams of 2018

    All, Here are my 1st Creams of the new season. There are other mutations involved but to young to tell at mo. Another target getting nearer. Trevor πŸ˜ƒ
  25. Yes, I'm still here

    Penny, all your Penguin birds are all carrying the Pied gene (recessive)
  26. Yes, I'm still here

    it's been a while, probably 6 months since I updated my blog so I thought I ought to write something! I'm currently concentrating on breeding my zebras, the aim is to finish breeding them by the end of April rather than carrying on until October like last year. I paired up early December and went away over Christmas and new year with about 15 pairs down. When I got back from holiday I found I had several pairs sitting on clear eggs. 4 pairs had chicks, 3 lots of 3 and a singleton. One of the sets of 3 had been brought up singlehandedly by Mum as Dad had died when the chicks were just 2 days old. I spent my first weekend after my holiday sorting my pairs again and trying again. I have now rung 34 chicks with another 10 or so chicks just hatches and a dozen or more good eggs in nests. My timors are a proving to be a bit of a challenge, I only have 3 hens so all are paired up. Pair 1 hatched 2 chicks and didn't feed them, they then laid good eggs again but have given up sitting on them. The other 2 hens did nothing for the first month, I then swapped the cocks over and one pair now have 4 eggs - I think they might be clear - but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being and letting them sit a little longer. I tried using Bengalese as fosters but that seemed a waste of time. I have never managed to get my bengies to bring up anyone else's young. Before we went away I had a pair of zebs with 7 good eggs, they were a good pair of zebs so I moved 3 eggs to a pair of bengies replacing their own eggs. They never hatched them, the eggs were still there, cold when I returned from holiday. I put down a pair of birds which (I thought) were a fawn penguin hen and a fawn cock bird who is split penguin. Result - 3 fawn pied cocks! Where did the pieds come from??? I was hoping to get a fawn penguin cock! I have another penguin pair who seem to have produced a pied. There must be some link between penguin and pied. I've had a few pairs of my foreign laying in boxes in the flight. I managed to get 3 diamond firetails hatched, one died before it fledged, the other 2 died, one at 6 weeks, one at 10 weeks. I was disappointed, the parents have gone on to lay a clear round since so still waiting....... I have 5 nests of gouldians and 1 nest of hecks in the flight, so far 3 rung hecks and 3 day-old gouldians. Fingers crossed........
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