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  2. different colour chicks

    Welcome to the forum Kev. I'm not much good at working out colours but sometimes this happens and you get different colour of chicks in a nest I think it has something to do with the 'genes' the parent birds may be carrying. Maybe the colour isn't visible in the parent bird but they could be 'split' for another colour (some gene/colour that has been carried down from a previous generation.) Fingers crossed some other member will jump in here and answer your question in case I've got this all wrong. (Bet you will be more confused that ever after reading my answer but that's what I blame it on when I don't get the colours I wanted/expected to hatch out Emmy
  3. 1st Creams of 2018

    Really beautiful chicks Trevor you have the patience of a Saint Trevor but you WILL there. Emmy
  4. different colour chicks

    Hi I'm new to having finches and I have some Penguin finches and now have had two chicks hatched but when they hatched the first was pink and the second black is this common. Also as they have got bigger the first one the pink one looks like it might be albino as its pure white the other is still black feathered. so are all pink chicks albino' cheers Kev
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  6. 1st Creams of 2018

    All, Here are my 1st Creams of the new season. There are other mutations involved but to young to tell at mo. Another target getting nearer. Trevor ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  7. Yes, I'm still here

    Penny, all your Penguin birds are all carrying the Pied gene (recessive)
  8. Yes, I'm still here

    it's been a while, probably 6 months since I updated my blog so I thought I ought to write something! I'm currently concentrating on breeding my zebras, the aim is to finish breeding them by the end of April rather than carrying on until October like last year. I paired up early December and went away over Christmas and new year with about 15 pairs down. When I got back from holiday I found I had several pairs sitting on clear eggs. 4 pairs had chicks, 3 lots of 3 and a singleton. One of the sets of 3 had been brought up singlehandedly by Mum as Dad had died when the chicks were just 2 days old. I spent my first weekend after my holiday sorting my pairs again and trying again. I have now rung 34 chicks with another 10 or so chicks just hatches and a dozen or more good eggs in nests. My timors are a proving to be a bit of a challenge, I only have 3 hens so all are paired up. Pair 1 hatched 2 chicks and didn't feed them, they then laid good eggs again but have given up sitting on them. The other 2 hens did nothing for the first month, I then swapped the cocks over and one pair now have 4 eggs - I think they might be clear - but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being and letting them sit a little longer. I tried using Bengalese as fosters but that seemed a waste of time. I have never managed to get my bengies to bring up anyone else's young. Before we went away I had a pair of zebs with 7 good eggs, they were a good pair of zebs so I moved 3 eggs to a pair of bengies replacing their own eggs. They never hatched them, the eggs were still there, cold when I returned from holiday. I put down a pair of birds which (I thought) were a fawn penguin hen and a fawn cock bird who is split penguin. Result - 3 fawn pied cocks! Where did the pieds come from??? I was hoping to get a fawn penguin cock! I have another penguin pair who seem to have produced a pied. There must be some link between penguin and pied. I've had a few pairs of my foreign laying in boxes in the flight. I managed to get 3 diamond firetails hatched, one died before it fledged, the other 2 died, one at 6 weeks, one at 10 weeks. I was disappointed, the parents have gone on to lay a clear round since so still waiting....... I have 5 nests of gouldians and 1 nest of hecks in the flight, so far 3 rung hecks and 3 day-old gouldians. Fingers crossed........
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  10. I have tried dudley outside......with his parents but he didn't like it and they chased him, or maybe i'm just too soft haha the heating in my aviary is on and off as i can't risk leaving it on 24/7 as it's outside, i'm guessing it went cold just before heater turned on and with the elderly and youngsters not being as well "equipped" it just took them same with me cutting back, i'm having a serious think on weather to sell up my budgies, keep about 3 or 4 pairs or keep the current 20 i'm leaning more to keeping about 3 or 4 pairs as then i can cage breed them in my aviary or have a pair in my room if needs be as im hardly at home anymore (always at my partners) but i am hoping to focus more on my kakariki as i love them and their different characters and they are more....unique in a way than budgies (not to mention not as noisy) sounds like your breeding season is already "flying" while mine's still in the egg stage haha, i'm keeping an eye on my doves and their egg, all seems to be going well, the amazing thing is that they aren't meant to be breeding as i was only meant to have them in my room temporarily....until there was space somewhere else in the house, whoops! haha, i know there are 3 pairs in my room but only 2 cages, so 1 pair get to breed while the others decide who to pair up with. my dad still has his cockateil pearl and a new one called Rio who got given to us, we have given up trying to sex them as one is a lutino?...and the other is a pearl haha they drive him insane but refuses to put them in my aviary or another room haha!
  11. Hi Sarah, How time 'flies' (much faster than the birds ) Looks like you have totally spoiled Dudley but I don't blame you I do the same with my birds especially the cockatiels, but so far they haven't reached my bedroom (lol) That was sad losing the 12 birds but I know there have been sudden changes in temperature here as well - I have heating on in my bird sheds 24/7 and one morning when I went in the water in their drinkers was frozen - that was a first. I'm trying to cut back on the number of birds I keep but its so difficult to choose which ones to part with. Looks as though Budgies are still your main birds. I hope you have great success with the kakaikis -- recently they seem to be becoming very popular here in Scotland as well. I've just had a baby zebra finch hatch out tonight (cage is in the house) This is the 2nd clutch from Shadow (the finch I hand reared) and Snowy his mate. If all goes well there's another 3 eggs still to hatch and I have cockatiels with two young in the nest and another one sitting on 4 eggs on the floor of the inside flight. Now that's a problem for me to solve when they hatch out Must go now and give my baby cockatiels their last feed for the night (Been hand rearing those 3- had to bring them in because of the low temp. in outside flight been hand rearing them since January. This is a photo of Timmy, Susie and Pooch approx. 7weeks old now If you have time please let us know how the breeding goes (good luck with the studies too) Emmy
  12. just thought i'd leave a quick update while i have some time on my hands. currently got my budgie colony down to about 20 birds, due to current issues i'm struggling to look after everything. well over the cold snaps we have been having i lost a whopping 12!!! yes 12!! budgies in one night! with a heater! i wouldn't mind but it was mainly youngsters and older birds! this was a massive blow to me as i was planning on selling some and i lost a couple of my favourite ones with that being said..it was sort of a blessing in disguise as with me having roughly 20 budgies i am able to look after them a lot better (and not spend as much on food!!) my kakarikis now have a free flight of the whole aviary....still no chicks! however i have a female investigating the nest boxes. additionally i now have 6 diamond doves in my room..........with a pair on 1 egg (fertile) so i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed! as this will be a blessing for my dad....who still is having a bad season as we lost about 20 Chinese painted quails to a rat! so we are left with 3 now. in addition to having 6 diamond doves, i also have 2 fish tanks in my room now, i used to breed guppys but moved onto kribensis chilid which...from 1 pair.....i now have over 70 fry from BUT the most sad news.......is my little man dudley........such a cute little chick.....such an adorable little character....... What a shame i am going to have to put up with his crazy attitude and antics for longer! haha Dudley now lives in my dogs old cage.....at the end of my bed....he comes out now and again and curls up with me, he follows me around the room, poops everywhere and makes a mess! he is honestly like a parrot......but nips instead of bites haha. from the picture below you can see he is now fully in his adult plumage and a very tame quail! and yes.....i love him.....hes my baby boy <3 he will also literally go on anybody who wants to hold him and loves curling up in hair
  13. Does anyone have first hand knowledge about the breeding habits of Barraband Parrots. I've read a lot about them but sometimes its better 'talking' to someone who has actually bred them. At the moment my two are in a slightly smaller cage than before(not much in it re the size) but they get out to fly - but lately they are both making different sounds -especially Tika, the female ----and both are ripping up the newspaper from the bottom of their cage into tiny pieces (could this be nesting behaviour?) last year I had a nest box in their cage but no eggs were laid. Yesterday I put the nest box into the cage and Tika has had a look inside it but that was all - (guess it didn't come up to her expectations ) The other thing that is different is Tiko the male was always very friendly with me when I went towards the cage and he 'chatted' etc and liked his beak stroked -- has become a little aggressive -not like him at all. Grateful for any ideas why this is happening - Think they are just over 5-6 years old This is Tika and Tiko Emmy
  14. New Mutation 2018

    You'll get there Trevor!! The chicks are just beautiful. Emmy
  15. New Mutation 2018

    All, Very very pleased with this pair, 3rd year of working to this stage. Takes time but weโ€™ll worth it, frustrating in the first year as you donโ€™t seem to be getting anywhere but 3 years down the line now starting to reap the work Iโ€™ve put in. First chick and round for this pair both my bloodline The Male is a OB grey Eumo split BBLB. The hen is a LB split OBBB Eumo Target mutation is OBBBLB eumo I've got a 3.125% chance of getting this type, not a great chance but a chance. Thanks for looking, Trevor ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  16. Breeding a penguin?

    Thank you very much! I've kind of gotten over the penguin phase now. but there are people where I live who have penguin Zebs so maybe I could buy one from them one day
  17. Breeding a penguin?

  18. Breeding a penguin?

    Yep, until I discovered people show penguins here! ;D
  19. Bird Sales https://t.co/P3FpeCK5FY #Zebra Finch Forum

  20. 1st nest of 2018

    Fingers crossed for you Trevor. Emmy
  21. 1st nest of 2018

    Emmy, Triple Black Silver, Big ask but you never know until you try, Trevor ๐Ÿ˜‚
  22. Twitter Linked Account https://t.co/n5rcDHREJE #Zebra Finch Forum

  23. Mmmmmm, problems trying to link my Twitter account with the forum...

  24. SHADOW -UPDATE - 2 years on.

    He is still tame Andy, (Snowy isn't) I can't remember the pair that laid that egg(Shadow) I had thought in the future if I paired him up with a 'proper' BC female and all the chicks were BC then the pied would be coming from Snowy. BUT the two of them get along fine and I really would feel bad splitting them up. They are excellent parents. Emmy (Just noticed that Shadow has a white part on his wing so he must have the pied gene.)
  25. SHADOW -UPDATE - 2 years on.

    That is great Emmy. Looks like Shadow is carrying Pied genes too.
  26. Reading over the Blog 'Hand Rearing Birds' which featured Shadow & Co. it was hard to believe that was in May 2016 and its now February 2018. Shadow is still with me and he is still in the house () Shadow January 2018 He now has a mate (a white zebra finch) and they have just finished rearing these 6 lovely little chicks. A 'Family' photo left to right: Shadow, two of the chicks , Snowy (the mum) and the other 4 chicks. Guess there's no chance of Shadow and Snowy going out to the aviary now Emmy
  27. 1st nest of 2018

    Very bonny chicks Trevor. What is your target Trevor? Emmy
  28. 1st nest of 2018

    All, Here are the first 2 chicks out of the nest, 3 more to jump. BFBB Silver and BF?? Silver (not 100% on this one). Getting close to my target 1:16 chance. Trevor ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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