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  3. Hi can I add this for the photo competition 




  4. different colour white chicks

    Thank you all for your nice comments on the photo when I saw them all sat on the drinker I knew it was a good shot, shame I didn't realise about the monthly photo comp.but we live and learn
  5. different colour white chicks https://t.co/5vlP7bz1cs #Zebra Finch Forum

  6. New addition to the 'Family https://t.co/f6LmI9Lmx5 #Zebra Finch Forum

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  8. Happy Birthday Peter Cannan

    Best wishes for your birthday Peter. Emmy
  9. Sorry I forgot to update earlier. Its in the Brinsea eco glow now with another wee one that hatched out a few days later. Tried to add a short video of the two of them showing how the 2nd one when I added it into the eco glow how it tried to get underneath the slightly older one and followed it all the time. Guess it looked on it as its parent. Fascinating watching them. This is the model 'mum' I made for it Emmy
  10. different colour white chicks

    Er? What's gone here? C r a c k e r is the word that I put! No swear words. Lol
  11. Happy Birthday Peter Cannan

    Happy birthday Peter I hope you have a great day.
  12. Here's to a great day for a great friend and mentor. Enjoy your retirement Peter.
  13. different colour white chicks

    yeah, that would have got my vote.. its a *******..
  14. different colour white chicks

    I reckon that photo would have 'topped the lot' Fantastic photo Emmy
  15. different colour white chicks

    Thanks I must remember the monthly photo in future
  16. different colour white chicks

    I love that photo. Shame you've already posted it cos I recon that would have done well in our monthly photo competition.
  17. different colour white chicks

    Thanks I will get the hang of it one day lol. Here is a pic of my latest three all siblings
  18. different colour white chicks

    At a first look I would say that it is a White. The beak usually change to the Orange/Red when they get older. If it is a White then both parents are carrying the Pied/White gene which is recessive and requires two to make a visual one. (hope that makes sense) Sorry, just noticed that the parent cock is a visual White so the hen is carrying the gene.
  19. different colour white chicks

    this was when it came out of nest sorry its not that clear
  20. different colour white chicks

    When you say 'Orange' beak was it more a 'Bone' colour? If it was/ is then it could be a White/Pied. If it was true yellow then it could be a member of the Yellow Beak variety. Your other chick (if that is the one in the photo) looks to be a Grey or Black Cheeked mutation. Hope that someone else helps out here. Andy
  21. different colour white chicks

    My first chicks I bred had one white chick which had an orange beak from day 1 my second lot of chicks has 1 white chick but has a black beak with a cheek patch and has just left the nest whats the difference in mutation please
  22. Congratulations to this month's winner who is......... https://t.co/2P9IjvPSdE #Zebra Finch Forum

  23. how soon can you sex chicks

    6 weeks is only 1 week on from being removed from parents and providing there has been no feather plucking it would be another 2 - 3 weeks maybe. If you think that the White one might be a cock then watch carefully and you might catch it trying to sing and the beak should go red.
  24. how soon can you sex chicks

    I have two chicks that are now six weeks old one I think is female the other leaning towards male because of light fawn cheek marks but being white is hard to tell
  25. Ok Andy thanks anyway,and thank you Andyn for the info. Carl.
  26. You never cease to amaze me Emmy with some of the things you think of. Can you let me know how the little one progress. Thank you for the post. Gary
  27. ignore me!!!!!!!! I read the 1st post wrong!!!! I missed the FAWN BIT. I READ IT AS JUST LIGHT BACK HEN. sorry goodfella. no I would not use that pair........ all you would be doing is diluting every thing!!!!!!!!!!
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