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  1. tillysmum

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the welcome folks, yes I will be keeping the tiny's separate for sure. I feel an aviary extension coming on, must let OH know
  2. tillysmum

    Hi everyone

    Thankyou, its a very quite forum
  3. tillysmum

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I joined the old forum around 3 years ago to say I was thinking of getting Zebra Finches. Ive kept Budgies for many years and have an aviary of 8 plus a very old budgie of 15 in the house. Well its taken me this long to finally get round to purchasing a lovely pair of Zebra's and they are called Betty and Frank, I have read up lots but still will have lots to learn, they will be staying with me in the house and wont be mixed with my budgies. Looking forward to joining you all and learning as much as I can about these lovely little birds.
  4. tillysmum


    Hi and thankyou for the warm welcome, i guess its a suck it and see situation re; keeping them together. Ive only got 4 Buds now and it was a toss up, should i buy new blood and start with the buds again or have a change and try finches and i think the finches are enticing me at the moment so i have the room in the Aviary to split a section just to be on the safe side. Im sure i will be bombarding you with my questions very soon .
  5. tillysmum


    Hello im new and as yet do not have any Finches but keep Budgies which i have bred in the past. I am interested in starting with Finches and have joined so that i can learn more about them . I have a 10 by 8 Aviary but would be starting with one pair of Finches in the house initially. The Aviary would undergo some alterations so that the Finches would be separate from the Budgies eventually.