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  1. mal-c

    Hull east yorkshire

    Hi would you please let him know I just don't have a mobile but h can contact me via e mail . OK was planning to go to the show. But just got out of the hospital this week so it would be too difficult to drive any distance plus I am 77 years young . I am looking to keep a couple of pairs of the newer mutations how much likely to set me back for s couple of pairs of well bread birds?. My Addy is mal@mjsprings.karoo.co.UK cheers Mal (Hull)
  2. mal-c

    Hull east yorkshire

    Hi I am Mal from Hull ,I kept zebs. For a short time but I bought to many and had to pack up they just hot too much for me. This Time just going to start with a couple of pairst of quality birds. Is there any one leaping and showing the new coloured varieties a specially interested In crested in the new coloured muta oines in Hull ,East Yorkdhite eatiers. Thanks for looking Mal (Hull)
  3. mal-c

    Breeding Stock

    Hi guys can anyone recermend a breeder of quality exerbition type penguin please Regards Mal (Hull)
  4. mal-c

    Who Else Keeps Penguin Zebs In The Uk.

    Anyone breeding exabition penguins in the East Yorkshire area Mal(Hull)
  5. mal-c

    Led's Contd

    Hi they look brilliant,are they sold in kit's where do you buy them from,are they very expensive .I am in the process of fitting a birdroom out
  6. mal-c


    Hi Nick I do hope I haven't upset you,I have sent you a couple of messages whith out reply. I was wondering if might just have any supplas stock that I might buy from you Hope you are well Regards Mal (Hull)
  7. mal-c


    I am Mal from hull thinking of keeping Zebra finches and was wondering if there where any breeders in the hull area
  8. mal-c


    I am Mal from Hull East Yorkshire.I'm a retied publican from Hull in East Yorkshire. I kept new coloured canaries for a short while and was advised by my docter give it up as it wasn't helping my COPD (breathing problems) but of late I have thoght if I have an outside avairy it would not cause me a problem.Searching around the net I was suprised to see how many mutations there are in Zebra Finches. Do they need heating in winter as I was not planing on masive acomadation for them,are there any members in my area with some of these mutatrions,I aspecialy like the penguines.Mal (Hull)