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  1. Graham

    Lightback Cock To Silver Hen

    Well ,only produced one chick from the pairing all year. A very nice Silver light back cock, beautiful coloured bird and very bonny.
  2. Graham

    Ccfw Cock To Ccfwbc Hen ?

    Thank you Trevor. I will put them together
  3. Graham

    Ccfw Cock To Ccfwbc Hen ?

    I have a CCFW cock and a CCFW Black Cheek Hen. I am looking for CCFW birds and don't want Black Cheeks. If I put these together what do I get ? I don't want to put them together IfF they will not produce CCFW. Please advise Thanks
  4. Graham

    Lightback Cock To Silver Hen

    Dave I purchased it , sold as double factor. We will have to see what is produced before we can be sure. Graham
  5. Graham

    Lightback Cock To Silver Hen

    I am thinking of pairing a Lightback Cock to a Double Factor Silver Hen. Should this pairing produce all Single factor silvers, but with lightback full barred tails? That is my objective.
  6. Graham


    Just setting up new birdroom after 20 year break from Zebra Finches and Gouldians . Interested in show quality Lightback, CCFW, CFW , and Silver/Lightback. Looking to establish good consistent blood line with strong colour especialy in the CCF tail.. Should put the birds down for breeding end of Feb when birdroom ready.