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  1. There is a long story to go with these three latest arrivals  but at the moment I'm a bit short on time to write it just now  (I'll do a Blog ' later).

    (I'm also hand rearing 6 baby zebra finches)- 




    Please meet 'Lucky', 'Miracle'  and Binny -- sadly little 'Bucket' (it was marked egg no 3  when put into the incubator)died in the shell just before hatching. 


    By the law of averages these 3 wee beauties (Cal ducklings)should never have hatched but I'll explain it all later

  2. Hallo again everyone.  It's been a while since I managed to get to  the computer without my 'Mum' seeing me.  (I do have a 'Blog' on here but this is just a quick note)

    This morning I got a good opportunity to get what I spied I would like after my 'Mum'  had let me out of my cage and she had gone to get something.  Fortunately for me she left the plate with 

    the toast sitting near my cage and she had cut off the crust (think it was meant for Rabelou (the Chihuahua) but he gets plenty anyway so this was going to be mine- )

    5aea1257699ba_DSC07050(2).thumb.JPG.5fcdfcb3cd6a08b087b7fea936442326.JPGGood ! she's not back yet.

    5aea126aa4610_DSC07049(2).thumb.JPG.53dee05aed0b6c2a052b5a5687915c4f.JPGNow I'm getting a lecture about stealing, so I'm off!!

    DSC07043.thumb.JPG.02f25db09d722d9bed6941094c6e8a78.JPG'Mum' can't reach up here -so! I'm going to have a nice breakfast too even although I've stolen it;):lol:

    I'll be back again sometime -that's if 'Mum' hasn't 'imprisoned me or sent me to a new home! 




  3. Sorry I forgot to update earlier. 


    Its in the Brinsea eco glow now with another wee one that hatched out a few days later. Tried to add a short video of the two of them showing how the  2nd one  when I added it  into the eco glow how it tried to get underneath the slightly older one and followed it all the time. Guess it looked on it as its parent. Fascinating watching them. 

    This is the model 'mum' I made for it :lol:




  4. Hi Gary

    It hatched out on the 22nd March but  I find its more difficult getting them to peck the chick crumbs /water  if they are on their own, better if there's a clutch or if it was with the parent birds. They run under the parent birds so that's why I put in 2 teddies. Now I'm considering 'making' an adult CPQ from material and feathers (lol)  (I'll be getting 'locked up' soon:ph34r: with having all these daft ideas:lol:)

    I've had to take it out from the brooder/hospital cage now and its now under the Brinsea eco glow and I cant put the teddies below that so when it comes out to feed  the teddy bears are still there for it. ;):lol:


  5. Welcome to the forum Kev. I'm not much good at working out colours but sometimes this happens  and you get different colour of chicks in a nest  I think it has something to do with the 'genes' the parent birds may be carrying. Maybe the colour isn't visible in the parent bird but they could be 'split' for another colour (some gene/colour  that has been carried down from a previous generation.)   

    Fingers crossed some other member will jump in here and answer your question in case I've got this all wrong. 

    (Bet you will be more confused that ever after reading my answer:unsure::lol: but that's what I blame it on when I don't get the colours I wanted/expected  to hatch out :D



  6. Hi Sarah,  How time 'flies'  (much faster than the birds :D) Looks like you have totally spoiled Dudley but I don't blame you I do the same with my birds especially the cockatiels, but so far  they haven't reached my bedroom (lol)

    That was sad losing the 12 birds but I know there have been sudden changes in temperature here as well -  I have heating on in my bird sheds 24/7 and one morning when I went in the water in their drinkers was frozen - that was a first.

    I'm trying to cut back on the number of birds I keep but its so difficult to choose which ones to part with.

    Looks as though Budgies are still your main birds. I hope you have great success with the kakaikis  -- recently they seem to be becoming very popular  here in Scotland as well.

    I've just  had a baby zebra finch hatch out tonight (cage is in the house) This is the 2nd clutch from Shadow (the finch I hand reared) and Snowy his mate. If all goes well there's another 3 eggs still to hatch and I have cockatiels with two young in the nest and another one  sitting on 4 eggs on  the floor of the inside flight.  Now that's a  problem for me to solve when they  hatch out :rolleyes:

    Must go now and give my baby cockatiels their last feed for the night  (Been hand rearing those 3- had to bring them in because of the low temp. in outside flight been hand rearing them since January. 

    This is a photo of Timmy, Susie  and Pooch DSC06735.thumb.JPG.7280c20379e2fa0695d0a266516ce959.JPGapprox. 7weeks old now

    If you have time please let us know how the breeding goes (good luck with the studies too) 


  7. Does anyone have first hand knowledge  about the breeding habits of Barraband Parrots.  I've read a lot about them but sometimes its better 'talking' to someone who has actually bred them.  At the moment my two are in a slightly smaller cage than before(not much in it re the size) but they get out to fly - but lately they are both making different sounds -especially Tika, the female ----and both are ripping up the newspaper from the bottom of their cage into tiny pieces (could this be nesting behaviour?)  last year I had a nest box in their cage but no eggs were laid.   Yesterday I put the  nest box into the cage and Tika has had a look inside it but that was all - (guess it didn't come up to her expectations  :unsure::lol:) The other thing that is different is Tiko the male was always very friendly with me when I went towards the cage and he 'chatted' etc and liked his beak stroked -- has become a little aggressive -not like him at all. Grateful for any ideas why this is happening - Think they are  just over  5-6 years old

    This is Tika and Tiko



  8. I defy anyone who make  remarks that birds are not intelligent and what you THINK you see is just a coincidence.

    What you witnessed Lee is just what you say - like a child not getting its own way and getting into a 'paddy' But you have to laugh they are so comical but its annoying when you have just spent time tidying  their cage and 2 minutes later its worse than before:unsure::rolleyes:.  

    I'm considering putting aniseed sand on the bottom of the cage under the grid (wont put the sand where they can get at it though after what happened to Bimbo my cockatiel)

    Here's another example  showing where birds do have memory recall:  I have been looking after a cockatiel for two weeks while its owner was away on holiday- when she came to get it on Monday whenever she came in and spoke to me that bird recognised her voice and when she came to the cage you had to see that birds reaction to believe it.  :D

    Although at times my family think 'I've almost lost the plot' :rolleyes::lol: I admit to sitting with my baby cockatiels in my hand and singing  to them after they have been fed and they DO FALL ASLEEP.:D   


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  9. Great video Lee.

    Now what is it with my birds?  they seem to  prefer newspaper to line their nest even when proper nesting material has been made available to them.  Some even manage to pull it up from the bottom of the cage below  the grid.

    Do you think it could it be they like to have a read while they incubate their eggs?   Maybe need to begin using the old Cage&Aviary magazines to make it more interesting for them:lol:


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  10. Welcome to the forum Fraza. It's nice to get some new members and share experiences.

    I remember the day when I could have named every bird I had but since getting my outside/ inside aviary a few  years ago - plus another shed for breeding cages that is impossible now:lol:

     I have a variety of other birds too -(not just zebra finches and Bengalese).

    I have a variety of mutations/colours in my zebra finches (in the outside flight I let them choose their own mate)  but I do breed BC finches and one got a 2nd place in a bird show a week ago.     BC Zebra finch 2nd place Fife Show 5th Nov 2017 (1).JPG

    Who knows maybe you will be able to get in personal contact with some of the members on the ZFF who may come from your area   in England.

    Look forward to reading your posts.