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  1. Krissy

    Black Cheek + Fawn

    Sorry about the long reply time! They are beautiful pictures Claire! What lovely little birdies
  2. Krissy

    Black Cheek + Fawn

    I see what you mean Emmy, its hard to tell that the markings are more dark brown rather than black. Nice looking bird though!! And thank for the tip Andy!
  3. Krissy

    Black Cheek + Fawn

    Ahh I see. Thats cool. I probably didn't phrase it very well... its been an odd day to say the least. I meant the breast bars, cheek and flank markings become chocolate-y in colour rather than black... so I was partially right but rather than chocolate its more almost black-brown markings by the sounds of it Thanks for the help! I hope whatever is worrying you, gets better!
  4. Krissy

    Black Cheek + Fawn

    I saw a simulation of what this bird would look like... Fawn in body colour which chocolate markings (In place of breast, cheek and flank markings). However Ive heard that the genes don't quite interact like that when BC is present on a Fawn bird. Ive searched for pictures does anyone have pictures or an explanation as to how this bird would look? E-finch "The fawn mutation changes the normal gray and black coloring to a light brown or fawn coloring with dark brown markings." Would imply this is how it would works, but Ive heard differently? :/ Im confused! lol
  5. Krissy

    Happy Birthday Krissy

    Just spotted this! Thank you!
  6. Krissy

    My New Black Cheek

    Yeah the one next to him is just a normal grey. And a great deal bigger too! But I think thats an age thing. Pretty sure the BC is still a youngster but he does have lovely black flank markings. I will try and get a front view picture when hes settled a bit more. : )
  7. Krissy

    My New Black Cheek

    Found him in the Petshop today and had to have him! Still a bit flighty, when he settles Ill try and get a better picture!
  8. Krissy

    1st Chick 2012

    Congrats!! Sooo adorable!
  9. Krissy

    Your Thoughts?

    Aww there so cute! Congrats!
  10. Krissy

    Your Thoughts?

    Oh yes I see it now : ) I think my male is more white underneath. And congrats on the chicks Tam-M!
  11. Krissy

    Your Thoughts?

    Bit of a late reply here; how do you tell if he is split for fawn? My male looks very similar, But I'm still pretty new to all this so I probably wouldn't even notice the difference yet XD
  12. Krissy

    Heya : )

    Peter - Ahh thank you. Yeah I think thats the best solution.Mark - I live in South Devon. After looking at your poll I had to browse the pictures of the different colours. Loving the crested! LOL I need some of those one day!
  13. Krissy

    Heya : )

    Thank you. Id love to eventually have some of all of them lol. I love all the colour combinations, and there so fascinating to watch. I havent heard of any breeders where I live yet, so mine are petshop bought. They never seem to get many colours apart from those. When I have more spave I will defo be keeping my eye out for them though
  14. Krissy

    Heya : )

    Hello everyone. What Im most interested in learning about is about the genetics and the different colours and how they affect the offspring; ie with Phaeo colouring (dont know if there know as different names) how black faced, black breasted and orange breasted give the orange and white colouring. Probably jumping a bit in the deep end with that particular example... but maybe working up to that. I have looked on other sites but I get a bit confused with some colourings. I remember doing genetics at school with dominant and recessive genes etc, but that was a good year or so ago and that was with pretty simple examples. Anyone got any basic info to use as a starting point?Thanks for the help!
  15. Krissy

    Heya : )

    Hey, Im Krissy. I live in Devon in the UK.Ive always wanted some Zebra finches and finally got some for Christmas from my Boyfriend. There so fascinating. I think Ive bored my family with them so itll be cool to have some people who share the interest to talk to. Below is a picture of the 4 I have. I believe Myrrh and Holly are Greys, and Pablo and Angel are CFW (please correct me if Im wrong!) I would like to breed them eventually. I love how many colours and mutations there are of them. Nice to meet you all.