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  1. JakeyFinch

    Return to Finching

    Thanks! I have no idea what to expect as these young ones transition into adulthood but I’m banding them and will inhibit inbreeding with male and female cages for the foreseeable future. I might be interested in swapping young adult birds with other CFW owners if anyone is interested. 😋
  2. JakeyFinch

    Return to Finching

    Started with 2 pairs of CFW’s and a pair of Lady Gouldian’s several months ago. Pair 1 CFW has produced 2 fledglings and pair 2 has produced 6 fledglings already...all doing well! 2 very busy large flight cages! Pair 1 fledglings have started their adult molts and Pair 2 in another week. Lotsa fun 😄
  3. JakeyFinch

    Sibling feeding!

    Have witnessed several feeding events with an older sibling feeding the youngest member of a 6 fledgling hatch! Never expected to see that!