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Barraband Parrots

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Does anyone have first hand knowledge  about the breeding habits of Barraband Parrots.  I've read a lot about them but sometimes its better 'talking' to someone who has actually bred them.  At the moment my two are in a slightly smaller cage than before(not much in it re the size) but they get out to fly - but lately they are both making different sounds -especially Tika, the female ----and both are ripping up the newspaper from the bottom of their cage into tiny pieces (could this be nesting behaviour?)  last year I had a nest box in their cage but no eggs were laid.   Yesterday I put the  nest box into the cage and Tika has had a look inside it but that was all - (guess it didn't come up to her expectations  :unsure::lol:) The other thing that is different is Tiko the male was always very friendly with me when I went towards the cage and he 'chatted' etc and liked his beak stroked -- has become a little aggressive -not like him at all. Grateful for any ideas why this is happening - Think they are  just over  5-6 years old

This is Tika and Tiko



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