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  1. Hi Kim,

    Many thanks for your comments, unfortunately for me he has a show fault on his tear mark, which runs too far up onto his head. Only my opinion though...

    I sold him at Stafford in March, but he will breed some good young given the right hen.

    I thought he stood well on the perch, but as everyone keeps telling me you can’t keep them all.


  2. I have been pondering over this picture for some time, the light conditions I took it in were not the best, I took it late in the afternoon as the light was fading and the lens I was using just didn't have the speed to take in more light. When you look at the bird in good light the cheek patches are more fawn than grey so I’m still undecided. I might put it to the vote.

    Where did you get the other picture from, I’ve been looking all over for one to compare with.

    I value your comments though and I think this bird has something to work on for the future.

    I'll be taking a young hen with me to Stafford for sale as well as some normal splits, maybe you can pop over to the table and we will have a debate.