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moving house

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Penny W


Well, last week saw us moving house. No mean feat with a shed full of birds! Fortunately we were able to get access to the garage the night before the official moving date so we moved the birds then. That night I had a dream that one of the cages of budgies had managed to escape.  My partner went to the  new house with a van load of stuff,  opened the garage door - and out flew a budgie! My dream had been true! The rest of the birds had survived the move and we even had 2 finches and 1 budgie hatch that night . Later that day one of our new neighbours came round asking if we had lost a budgie as one had moved into his conservatory when he had popped into the garden!

We were planning on erecting our bird house this weekend.  My partner had made it in flat pack form but the weather had other ideas! They will have to stay in the garage for another week!

I have recently paired some more finches, one of which was a white finch, sold to me as a cock bird, but I wasn't convinced!  I paired him/her up with a definite cock and this weekend The pair have started laying!  I think maybe I was right!


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Wishing you all the best in your new house Penny. Hope you and Steve will be happy there and you both breed lots of birds.

Your story about the Budgie in a neighbour's conservatory reminded me of when we lost an aviary Zebra Finch and one of our neighbours called round to say had we lost one as they had one fly into there living room and help them selves to their Budgie's seed..


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