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  1. Looking at the photos I would agree that it looks like a Fawn. But look closely at the chest bar and see if there is a hint of orange at all. (just to be sure it's not a split Orange Breast Fawn)
  2. Andyn

    Loving the rope

    I know what you mean, Had two Fawn chicks from fawn parents and the chicks are Orange Breast. Knowing where the parents came from I'm surprised but the gene could be sitting dormant for years. Always a surprise just around the corner with these little birds.
  3. Andyn

    Loving the rope

    Nice idea, we have rope loops and they are always trying to steal the end string. It's quite funny to see how frustrated they get. Do you show your birds Kev?.
  4. Well done Rich, Your parent hen looks to be a Fawn Cheek so possibly some of the chicks might be too. To be honest I'm thinking the Cock might be Fawn cheek too. Be interesting to see what the chicks turn out to be when moulted out.
  5. When it gets a too hot in my bird room I set a desk fan going on number 3 with oscillation to cover as much of the building as possible. (placed usually in a corner). But I would suggest that if you use a fan don't have it facing the cage full time. If possible use the oscillation and have the fan on a timer switch set for every 30 mins on for 10 mins. (that way the birds don't get buffeted) Just my thoughts. Usually the birds will pant/gasp and the feathers will be pulled tight if they are too hot or stressed.
  6. The start of the season in middle December through to end February was horrendous. I must have binned more dead chicks than I had adult birds in the shed. Then it went a lot better. I have rung 65 but have lost some after ringing so have about 58 ish. Normals didn't breed at all well only 6 surviving, Pied and the White bred like rabbits with CFW and Fawn/Cream doing quite well. But because they are later bred they might not be up to scratch in time for the Bigger Shows. By the way, my club holds a Summer Show in August so if you want to come and see just give a shout. Our Website is www.swandsczfc.uk There is a copy of the Show Schedule with all the details you'll need. Andy N
  7. Thanks Rich, We decided not to go with the Razas. (didn't realise they were small) so going with Fifes and have contacted the breeder we got some from who will have some to go in about 2 weeks. Closing down the breeding now and started to strip out and clean one of the indoor flights prior to painting. (we had a leak from guttering which found it's way in and stained the OSB lining so it will have to be solvent based which will be a bit strong smelling for a day or two) Were the CFW from an exhibition breeder? If so, what is/are the ring number/s? It should read- say 15 N196 z17s. or similar. Please forgive if you know that already. Good luck with them. If you are down Exeter way give me a bit of notice and come for a visit of my lot.
  8. Andyn

    10 months on

    Yey! I have three Creams.😊
  9. Hi Rich and welcome to the forum. There is a member on here called Penny White who I believe lives in your county. Perhaps you could PM her and see if she has any Zebies to go. I was looking at an advert in Cage & Aviary Magazine for Raza canaries for sale in Dorset. We have just assembled a new garden aviary (original started to collapse due to storms and wood rot) and wondered what Raza were like to help fill the new aviary. We have Fifes in there at moment, (It's a bachelor group) some non exhibition Zebs and mixed Bengalese. Would Razas mix OK please? Oh! and there is our club. South Western & Southern Counties ZFS. (www.sw&sczfc.uk) Andyn
  10. Megan, I don't think your parent hen is fat. I believe you have an Exhibition quality Bird which are generally larger than pet shop or aviary birds. The cock bird is just not the same quality, though looks bigger than pet shop type. Hen chick looks like it will mature to be more like Mum.
  11. Andyn

    My Mated Pair

    This is possibly a Chestnut Flanked White (CFW). This mutation is sex linked to the parent cock. This means that the parent cock bird is split for CFW and carries the gene on one of his 'X' genes. So imagine the cock is XX and hen is XY. one of those XXs can be explained like this. * = CFW so we are now looking at XX*. If it is a CFW chick it will be a hen because the parent hen doesn't carry any sex linked genes so the match up would X*Y. If the X* met up with the hens X the result would be a cock chick split for CFW (same as dad). If the non X matched with hens X it would result in a 100% Normal cock chick. Hope that helps, it's how I got my head around sex linked in Budgies.
  12. Andyn

    My Mated Pair

    Without a photo it is a bit of a guess but possibly the White one is a White Pied. Which means that both parents are split (carrying) the Pied gene. Post a photo and ask again.
  13. Andyn

    10 months on

    You are lucky Penny. I've tried Cream this year and paired the same as you but all I've had is Fawn. Nice photo of you and Steve in this week's C&AB mag. Hope all goes well for your up coming wedding.
  14. I would be a little concerned that if a new bird was introduced, the older bird might get territorial with it so, if it's possible I'd suggest two cages side by side so they would be able to interact but no physical contact until you were sure that they would be friends and then perhaps let them out to fly so that the new bird could get away if it needed to. It really is a 'try it and see' scenario.
  15. Andyn

    My Mated Pair

    I think I would be more concerned if the door to cage accidentally closed while the parents were out and about. The maternal/paternal instinct in these little birds is fer-nominal. I have to take the nest boxes down to ring the chicks or clean the box if it's getting too fouled, but as soon as I re-hang the box one or both are straight in. (I must admit to not tippy toeing around them when they are in the breeding cages so I guess they are used to me to a degree) I expect you secure the cage door open, but just a thought. Andy