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Yes, it's that time of the month again when you can send me your entries for May's photo Competition.

Voting to start 25th

Send them to me as a file attachment to email:- andy.nethercott@outlook.com 

If you need help please contact me on same email

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Apr18 3.jpg
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Hallo again everyone.  It's been a while since I managed to get to  the computer without my 'Mum' seeing me.  (I do have a 'Blog' on here but this is just a quick note)

This morning I got a good opportunity to get what I spied I would like after my 'Mum'  had let me out of my cage and she had gone to get something.  Fortunately for me she left the plate with 

the toast sitting near my cage and she had cut off the crust (think it was meant for Rabelou (the Chihuahua) but he gets plenty anyway so this was going to be mine- )

Good ! she's not back yet.

Now I'm getting a lecture about stealing, so I'm off!!

'Mum' can't reach up here -so! I'm going to have a nice breakfast too even although I've stolen it
I'll be back again sometime -that's if 'Mum' hasn't 'imprisoned me or sent me to a new home! 
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