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  1. Nice to look back at some of the birds i used to have 😁👍
  2. My personal answer to that question would be a definite "NO" Mégane. The chicks need feeding every couple of hours, sometimes more often than that, and like you say, if you're out at work all day that's way too long for the chicks not to be fed. The best way is for the parents to do it themselves as at least that way they'll get the amount of food they need along with nutrients provided by their parents. I understand you want a closer bond with your birds but Zebra Finches are not really the birds for that. That can be done better with budgies, lorikeets and Parrots but in general finches are very "skitist" and tend to be wary of humans and will fly away. I have on occasions had finches settle on my outstreched hand whilst in my avaries, I had a hand full of seed and it took along time for it to occur and even then they flew off after a couple of seconds. If you go onto "youtube" they're a few video's of people hand rearing baby zebbies but the time and effort required is intense and doesn't always end with babies reaching adulthood. Just enjoy watching and listening to the parents feeding them and enjoy watching them grow, and learning how to copy what their parents do etc..
  3. Er? What's gone here? C r a c k e r is the word that I put! No swear words. Lol
  4. yeah, that would have got my vote.. its a *******..
  5. Happy Birthday Fella.... hope you have a great day matey. ???

  6. Happy Birthday fella hope you feel better soon
  7. Hi Dave, if you are free this Sunday it' the first big Stafford Show ON Sunday...... A good chance to pop by the ZFS stand and similar clubs and get back in the swing again......
  8. Happy Birthday CFWs 


  9. Welcome Pat, welcome to the addiction we called, Zebra Finch keepers...???
  10. Looks a decent normal cock bird...is that a Black Cheek CFW behind?
  11. Cheers... it's an never ending story ???
  12. so here goes, couple of days earlier than I expected but couldn't wait any longer All paired up...............
  13. Happy Birthday fella, have a great day....:yahoo:

  14. Hope you have a great day...