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  1. 1st Creams of 2018

    All, Here are my 1st Creams of the new season. There are other mutations involved but to young to tell at mo. Another target getting nearer. Trevor 😃
  2. New Mutation 2018

    All, Very very pleased with this pair, 3rd year of working to this stage. Takes time but we’ll worth it, frustrating in the first year as you don’t seem to be getting anywhere but 3 years down the line now starting to reap the work I’ve put in. First chick and round for this pair both my bloodline The Male is a OB grey Eumo split BBLB. The hen is a LB split OBBB Eumo Target mutation is OBBBLB eumo I've got a 3.125% chance of getting this type, not a great chance but a chance. Thanks for looking, Trevor 😃
  3. 1st nest of 2018

    Emmy, Triple Black Silver, Big ask but you never know until you try, Trevor 😂
  4. 1st nest of 2018

    All, Here are the first 2 chicks out of the nest, 3 more to jump. BFBB Silver and BF?? Silver (not 100% on this one). Getting close to my target 1:16 chance. Trevor 😃
  5. Happy Birthday Norfolk Flyer

    Thanks to you both, yep had great day with a family lunch. Then went on to rspb Strumpshaw to see the Starling roost. Got some decent photos of the event. Thanks again, Trevor ?
  6. eumo

    Hi, I’m in east Anglia, but only a few pairs. Trevor ?
  7. Hi Fraza, I think you pink one could be a fawn. Trevor ?
  8. Bit of Luck

    Emmy, Give them a piece of tablet, that’ll work ? Trevor ?
  9. Bit of Luck

    Emmy, Best way I think to catch is night time with a torch, I caught up for Newark in my 2 flights, one flight took me 50min and the other 35mins. All the best Emmy, Trevor ?
  10. Bit of Luck

    All, Whether you play sport, general life or keeping Zebs once in a while you get that bit of luck. Well it’s happened to me and I’m chuffed to bits. As you know I like my orange LB,s my target is to have a triple orange LB (one day). A hen I’m using in a breeding pair has a very strong orange gene. I paired her with a OBBBLB, they’ve given me 4 BFOBLB hens which I’m over the moon about, they’ve got orange in the cheeks plus in the flanks. Now this has really set me up for 2018 to hit my target. Just when you think things can’t get any better this male popped out, couldn’t believe my eyes this is something I could only dream about. A triple orange grey male with orange on his back, the odds of me getting this male is very very high. Plus the bonus is he’s split LB as well. Roll on 2018, Thought id share my luck with you all, Any questions please ask and I’ll do my best to answer. Thank you ! Trevor ?
  11. BF Silver 2017

    Clare, Only thing I would say is his breast is dark which I don't think would be if full orange breast. That's why I think he's split OB. Trevor ?
  12. BF Silver 2017

    Clare, Parents are BFOB/BB grey x BB Cream/BB (hen). Thanks for interest ? Trevor ?
  13. BF Silver 2017

    All, Another colour mutation I've had this season. Very pleased how season is moving along. Trevor ?
  14. 2017 BB Cream male

    Latest picture of BF Cream male
  15. OBBB fawn CFW red eyes.

    Emmy, thanks for your faith in me ???