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    Hen Zebra attacking her chest

    Thanks Andyn, definitely doing it to herself, I watched for a while to make sure, but panic over. By mid morning she had stopped doing it. It looked like it was an itch that gradually faded - like we would with a stinging nettle or horse fly bite! but this morning all back to normal and I can try to stop feeling guilty about stressing them all out by a big aviary change. Thanks so much though, the info you gave will be useful, I'm sure, for the future.
  2. I noticed this morning one of my hen zebras more attacking rather than plucking one side of her chest, she has drawn some blood. I have just put all 16 in a new outdoor aviary which has apple branches in it, stone floor with concrete in between the stone slabs. The aviary maker said the wood had been treated with a safe wood treatment. The apple tree has leaves but no fruit. The birds have all lived together so unless it is some kind of stress response to being caught and moved, I can't think what to do. Can anyone advise please?