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  1. Breeding a penguin?

    Thank you very much! I've kind of gotten over the penguin phase now. but there are people where I live who have penguin Zebs so maybe I could buy one from them one day
  2. Breeding a penguin?

    Hi there, how do I breed a penguin without having one? If I breed two pieds does that give me a chance of getting penguin offspring?
  3. Breeding a penguin?

  4. Breeding a penguin?

    Yep, until I discovered people show penguins here! ;D
  5. Saddleback?

    Hi there, here's my lovely pied male, clouds on the horizon ( cloud ) and I was just wondering if you think he could be saddle back? He has a couple dots on his face. ( not sure if you can see that in pic ) Anway thanks in advance for any replies!
  6. Breeding a penguin?

    Ok thanks!
  7. 2017 BB Cream male

    Beautiful cream finch!
  8. Normal grey male

    Awww cute baby finches!
  9. Hi There!

    Hi there! Sorry I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Flight feathers, I have 2 aviaries and 20 birds, 10 of my birds are zebra finches and 6 of those are babies! I'm hoping to get advice and learn more about breeding, colors, genetics etc!
  10. Breeding

    I guess it depends on the nest and finches? My finches tend to lay very quickly. So about 2-3 days and sometimes I think it can be the same day or the next day!
  11. Breeding a penguin?

    So penguin isn't considered a type of heavy pied? As in its a completely seperate Color altogether?
  12. Breeding a penguin?

    Ok thank you, So if my birds don't have penguin genes does that mean I have zero chance of breeding a penguin?
  13. Fawn Chick :-)

    Here's one of my fawn Chicks :-) ( You can see other babies in background, there is 6 all up ) This one already has a home waiting for him, but I was just wondering, does anyone think he would be good for showing?
  14. Fawn Chick :-)

    Ok Thank you!