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  1. eamsutt


    I have 8 pairs breeding at the moment and 4 pairs refuse to use nest box and only nest on the floor.
  2. eamsutt

    Pat from Middlesbrough.

    Welcome Pat.I have been thinking of Roller canaries but might leave them untill next year.
  3. eamsutt

    Liam From Oxford

    Hi Liam.Welcome to the forum.I`m in the Newbury area.If you would like to come over and see my set up then pm me. Eamonn.
  4. eamsutt

    Hello All

    Hello and welcome Les.Im on feathered flyer as well.Two very good forums. Eamonn
  5. eamsutt

    Hello From West Berks

    Hi Kevin.Where in Woolhampton near Thatcham.I must admit i dont know Oxfordshire very well,only what we see from the A34!
  6. eamsutt

    Hello From West Berks

    Thanks for replys everyone.I am now the proud owner of 2 prs of cfw and 1 pr of lovely light backs which i have fallen in love with.There is also a collection of 4 normall ,1 black cheek and another light back with extra large orange cheeks.All cock birds that will go in a soon to be built flight[the bachalor pad] cheers eamonn
  7. eamsutt

    Hello From West Berks

    Thanks for welcome.I hope to learn a lot from the forum. Eamonn
  8. eamsutt

    Hello From West Berks

    Hi.New to Zebra finches at the moment.We have an old pair of normal Zebras,but mainly keep Irish fancy canaries.My son would like to move into the show side of Zebras.Any help will be much appreciated. Eamonn