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Breeding Madagascar Lovebirds

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I'm beginning to think my Madagascar Lovebirds are not in love. :unknw:

I've tried several different types of nest boxes - given a variety of different nesting materials ( they let me know they didn't approve of any of them- tossed everything straight out from the nest box.:diablo:)

Things I have tried over a long period of time:

Had all 4 together in large cage so they could choose their own partner- didn't work

Then paired them off into two separate cages- didn't work

Was suggested to put two males with one female - didn't work

Also suggested to try the reverse two females with one male- didn't work

So this is what I'm trying now similar to what you do with canaries but I added another 'stage' in the process.

About 6 weeks ago  I put the two pairs in a breeding cage that had a divider and I put  the two females in one half and the two males in the other half

I made sure there was a perch on either side close to the divider and they have been using those perches more than the others that were in the cage.

Today I have separated them and used a 2nd breeding cage so now there is only one female and one male in a cage but the divider still in place with a perch on each side close to the divider.

I intend to leave them like his for about a week I don't expect the male will feed the female as canaries do but time will tell.

I would like your opinion  re should I add a nest box to the female's side of the cage just now or wait until I remove the divider. ?

At the moment one pair is sitting facing each other while in the 2nd cage the female is sitting with her back to the male - maybe she's trying to tell him to 'get lost'!:D

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Madagascar lovebirds Nov 9th 2017 (2).JPG This is the pair that seem to be 'talking' (lol)









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:yahoo:I caught  the male singing to the female this morning - no idea if this is normal mating behaviour but at least no feathers flying.



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Lee your just jealous - me I'm frustrated with the M. L. Bs !!!

I've still not managed to breed a BC CFW and I'm not going to resort to doctoring photographs :D but from somewhere I've bred  a BCBB zebra finch -wished it had been a female and I would have paired it up with a crested bb z finch. 

I was just hoping someone would read the post about the love birds and may have bred M.L.birds or knew someone who had and would give me some feed back if they had had success. I suppose the fact that one of the males is singing to the female is a good sign.

Freezing here tonight - birds are warmer in their sheds than I am in the house :D


PS Lee please note :aggressive:this is posted in  the proper place:     

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