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SHADOW -UPDATE - 2 years on.

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Reading over the Blog 'Hand Rearing Birds' which featured Shadow & Co. it was hard to believe that was in May 2016 and its now February 2018.   Shadow is still with me and he is still in the house (;))

5a73533af37f2_3rdJan2018(15).thumb.JPG.67f95333255bbca2bfa41b51f06fd18c.JPG  Shadow January 2018


He now has a mate (a white zebra finch) and they have just finished rearing these 6 lovely little chicks. 



5a737c8396a19_Dad(Shadow)Mum(Snowy)andtheir6chicks6thJanuary2018.thumb.JPG.3260e29edbf51c30af757302cf327658.JPGA 'Family' photo ;) left to right: Shadow, two of the chicks , Snowy (the mum) and the other 4 chicks. 

Guess there's no chance of Shadow and Snowy going out to the aviary now:lol:


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He is still tame Andy, (Snowy isn't)

I can't remember the pair that laid that egg(Shadow;))     I had thought in the future  if I paired him up with a 'proper' BC female and all the chicks were BC then the pied would be coming from Snowy. BUT the two of them get along fine and I really would feel bad splitting them up:D.  They are excellent parents.


(Just noticed that Shadow has a white part on his wing so he must have the pied gene.)

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