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Bobby the Parrot-- May 2018

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Hallo again everyone.  It's been a while since I managed to get to  the computer without my 'Mum' seeing me.  (I do have a 'Blog' on here but this is just a quick note)

This morning I got a good opportunity to get what I spied I would like after my 'Mum'  had let me out of my cage and she had gone to get something.  Fortunately for me she left the plate with 

the toast sitting near my cage and she had cut off the crust (think it was meant for Rabelou (the Chihuahua) but he gets plenty anyway so this was going to be mine- )

5aea1257699ba_DSC07050(2).thumb.JPG.5fcdfcb3cd6a08b087b7fea936442326.JPGGood ! she's not back yet.

5aea126aa4610_DSC07049(2).thumb.JPG.53dee05aed0b6c2a052b5a5687915c4f.JPGNow I'm getting a lecture about stealing, so I'm off!!

DSC07043.thumb.JPG.02f25db09d722d9bed6941094c6e8a78.JPG'Mum' can't reach up here -so! I'm going to have a nice breakfast too even although I've stolen it;):lol:

I'll be back again sometime -that's if 'Mum' hasn't 'imprisoned me or sent me to a new home! 

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Morning Bobby... arnt our uman slaves silly leaving computors or yummy toast out for us. My dad makes me toast with coconut on most mornings but only if I whistle and say good morning nicely.... I am banana crazy right now I just love them, if silly dad puts anything else in my dish I just throw it out!!!! I am only eating banana everything else might kill me and nothing must touch my banana or I just carnt eat it. my banana gets the nasty food poison on it it has to go...... I hope your mum does not send you away just whistle a song and do a dance my dad loves me doing that.  locks on cage doors are easy to open I will have to teach you so she carnt keep you in!!! dad has to put a lock thingey on mine with a key to open it. every time I am out I try find it but them umans are so good a hiding things you want arnt they. I better dash or I will be in trouble like you. hope we can chat again soon. happy sqwarking.

love Bertie 


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Fantastic Andy

Just what I needed right now|!  I'm so sore laughing :lol::lol: just very grateful to find out I'm not the only one needing to get locked up:rolleyes::lol:.

No doubt when Bobby spies this he'll be desperate to get to the computer again ( I don't know if Bobby is a girl or a boy but I guess it wont matter (lol)) but I hope Bertie's not going to teach Bobby any new bad habits Bobby has enough already.  

Guess this could be the start of a 'Best Seller' --'book' containing  advice for other parrots and about Bobby and Bertie's adventures:good: :lol::lol:

Knowing the pair of parrots that they are wouldn't be surprised if they'll be charging members a fee to read  their posts :rolleyes::lol:



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