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  1. welcome to the zebra finch addiction when ever you introduce birds you will always get a bit off fighting that just how zebbies are!!!!. if I put birds into my outside flight I try add more then one at a time but my flights are big enough for them to get out of the way of the established birds.. when I am grouping in double breeders/wire doubles or internal flight cages.. again I try more then one bird at a time but do just put one in sometimes as that's all I have. a trick you could try is to take the current occupants out for half an hour or so!!! swap perches around move the drinkers and seed/ grit dishes and cuttle to different parts of the cage then add all the birds back in together.. the established birds tend to be more interested with finding food and water an working out where there fav roosting perch has gone then be bothered about starting a fight. something else that works is when putting them back in give them a treat??? nice piece of millet or some fresh greens. think distraction is the key... no matter what you do try only add birds when you have the time to spend a couple or 3 hours been able to keep an eye on them... no matter what you try you will get squabbles that's just zebs.. good luck Andy
  2. photo would be a big help...interested to see it.
  3. Morning Bobby... arnt our uman slaves silly leaving computors or yummy toast out for us. My dad makes me toast with coconut on most mornings but only if I whistle and say good morning nicely.... I am banana crazy right now I just love them, if silly dad puts anything else in my dish I just throw it out!!!! I am only eating banana everything else might kill me and nothing must touch my banana or I just carnt eat it. my banana gets the nasty food poison on it it has to go...... I hope your mum does not send you away just whistle a song and do a dance my dad loves me doing that. locks on cage doors are easy to open I will have to teach you so she carnt keep you in!!! dad has to put a lock thingey on mine with a key to open it. every time I am out I try find it but them umans are so good a hiding things you want arnt they. I better dash or I will be in trouble like you. hope we can chat again soon. happy sqwarking. love Bertie
  4. ignore me!!!!!!!! I read the 1st post wrong!!!! I missed the FAWN BIT. I READ IT AS JUST LIGHT BACK HEN. sorry goodfella. no I would not use that pair........ all you would be doing is diluting every thing!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Fella.... hope you have a great day matey. ???

  6. welcome to the wonderful world of zebra finches.... what I did find amusing was your line" how prolific these birds can breed" I wish some one would tell my big fat lazy exhibition birds that
  7. typical Harrison type bird.... like him
  8. deep pockets to get good blood off peter!!!! even his rubbish is not cheap lol.
  9. welcome and good luck..... who are you buying your stock from?
  10. happy 50th Lee. have a good one mate
  11. look good lee.... bout time you got your finger out and bred some birds for the show bench !!!! good luck
  12. Hi thanks for the reply, I'm  in derby but can travel for the right stock, not being fussy but over the years in birds i know you're as well to wait for decent ones


    1. amf1975


      you have to put the hard miles in nowadays. its not like it was way back when.. it's the midland zfs  show 26th august  on wolverhampton . st. stephen's primary school wv10 0bb. they have a silent auction an there will be some top birds to look at and some good birds for sale

  13. hi paul where about are you??? there is a few gone up for sale on the Facebook groups. aviary birds and show birds. it getting to the right time of year to buy exhibition stock as the people who show will be starting to sort out what to keep and what not too.... andy nethercott on here keeps. and I know someone he is very good friends with has about 35-40 to go.