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zebra finch breeding almost done for 2018

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Penny W


I'm winding down my this years breeding - I've rung about 100 - plenty (too many??) 

Now for the hard part - I'm determined to show this year so need to sort out a show team - and keep back a breeding team for next year, then try and sell the surplus. I'm pleased with what I have bred so far - apart from the odd pied who has appeared this year - my biggest surprise was a lightback pied from 2 normals!! I have at last bred - and rung one Timor, my Australians have bred, and not raised, several young but I currently have 4 fledged Hecks, and today have rung 3 diamond firetails and 2 stars - just hope they make it to adulthood. It seems the australian don't like breeding in breeding cages but prefer to breed in the outside flight


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