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Confused dot com!

Penny W


So, trying to sort out some birds to show, some to keep for next years breeding and some to go. Now getting confused! What is the difference between a lightback and a silver?, a fawn and a cream?. I have pied penguins - are they showable? as pied or penguins?? Why do my normal hens have darker bellies than the cocks? I will have to take them out so I can compare them with other peoples birds. 

My timors have not done well this year, I rang one chick before we went on holiday but it died before we got home, I have now rung a second - but one chick per round is not really increasing my timor stock!

My australian finches seem to like the hot weather that we have been having. I have rung 4 hecks (but 2 died), 3 firetails  and 2 stars. I lost all my gouldians but have started again with them and have 2 nests of eggs at the moment - fingers crossed. I had 2 cherry chicks but the parents had built the nest low down close to the fence and it attracted the unwanted attentions of one of the local cats and the chicks were abandoned when they were about 1 week old - so annoying. 

We are currently fostering a racing pigeon who wandered into our coservatory! She has a phone number on her wing so I rang it and the grateful owner is driving down from Derbyshire (I am in Somerset) tomorrow to collect her!

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So will try and help here Penny. I think if you go on 'Efinch' site and see the difference between Lightback and Silver and the Fawn to Cream. The cocks in Cream are are creamy body colour and the Cheek patch is lighter than Fawn. The only way I can tell a hen cream is that the body colour is lighter than Fawn and the tail and tear marking are a lighter colour than Fawns ones. (I only just started with cream this year).

Your Pied Penguins would be shown in Pied Class. (it's a Pied in the first description) In the description of Normal Hen the underparts (belly) should be 'Buff' but the Normal Cock 'White' but may be 'fawnish' near the vent.

I've only ever bred Lightback Pieds but they were noticeable from the lightness of the grey on their backs. Description says 'Silvery Grey with 'White underparts with 'Pale Orange' cheek patch. A Silver description says Pale silvery grey on head and neck with back and wings 'Silver Grey and 'Pale Orange or Cream cheek patches.

Hope that helps. I knew the Chris Blackwell book would come in handy. But if you are concerned bring them to the SW&SCZFC Summer Show on 12th August and we'll get the more senior members to check you have them right before you enter the cages. (it's enter on the day) See you there maybe.


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