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  1. nice pair there clare looking forward to seeing picks of there chicks when they have some richard
  2. nice chick there trevor it will be nice to some pics when older to see how she turns out when fully coloured up richard
  3. thank you for your lovely comment clare yes its good to be back after all that time away and wit will be nice to see any pics of your birds when you get to breed some so good luck with your breeding program richard
  4. here are 2 of my favourite males I have bred this year hope you like them both richard
  5. hi all not been on for a while but I thought you might like to see these males I have bred hope you like them richard
  6. Great to see this forum back again and wow how good it looks now Gary well done top marks

  7. hi Jason the parents to the chicks are fawn bb/ob male x cream obbb female
  8. thanks jon and to all that have replied to this post
  9. hi andy and emmy the twist is in the colour they will moult out to be which will either be just bb/ob or full obbb as dad is bb/ob and mum is full cream obbb so in reply to you emmy yes that's dad
  10. hi all just had these chicks leave the nest and I thought I would share them with you. these are my first time in breeding these colours. hope you like them
  11. hi aspen you do no you can get fawn in various shades from really dark to light and the colouring on her back and wings is to do with the bb and ob mutation that's in her richard
  12. hi emmy the way you can tell bb/ob hens can vary some show bits of orange in there tails or spots in there flanks but I have some splits that show both but also some orange spots in there facial areas and are darker grey than ng bb's hope this helps. if you are wanting to produce some ob's from the males then pair your birds to a ob or a ob/bb female that way you will produce all 3 colours with the last colour combo but only a small percentage of each colour will be produced and some splits richard
  13. I aspen with new pics I will say she's still a fawn but split ob and bb that's why there are no tear marks because of the bb she could also be split Isabel but not sure on that one at all richard
  14. hi aspen it looks to me as tho its just a fawn but split ob as it looks like there is some orange showing in the tail but like trevor says not lb richard
  15. hi emmy its deffo a bb with ob showing through as I have some males the exact same that I use in my obbb stud to improve the colour. its a very nice male as well so well done richard