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  1. Thank you very much for a fantastic site


  2. Hi Emma Bit of a change round have built 2 large flight cages and taken the wooden trebles out. both flight cages lead into an outdoor aviary. Fixed LED lighting on the rood of each flight cage and will do the same with the 12 Italian double breeding cages, these also can be turned into long flight cages with adapters. !st breeding season with Zebs is going well with chicks or full eggs in the 5 pairs I have down. Compared to the canaries their crops are ram jam full. Have switched from Johnson and Jeffs foreign finch seed to King Foreign Finch Breeding Luxury Mix which seems to have a good mix. So all in all pretty happy. Hope you are doing okay!
  3. Hi Emmy re colours love them all. I am trying to purchase Exhibition size zebs incase I decide I want to show in the future. I wish to establish my own stud. I have 4 decent pairs at the moment and a couple of pairs of pair sized. Not looking to much this year. I have 12 double breeders, 4 rows of 3 which can be made into flight cages out the breeding season. 2 trebles which lead into a 6 x 3 out door avairy. I came back to bird keeping after my exploits in the equestrian field came to an end ? Have kept canaries for the last couple of years but the lure of the wee bird has brought me back. Also my wife has taken a keener interest since getting the Zebra's. Still got 6 pairs of canaries and chicks but they will go this year.
  4. Hi my name is Derek. I use to keep Zebra finches many years ago then went working abroad. I have had coloured canaries for a couple of years but the lure back to Zebra's is too strong. Looking forward to their little chirps once again in my avairy.