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  1. Yep as Andy said, zero chance. We just don't have many rare colours over here, and as the main source of zebra finches here is the pet shop that leaves an even smaller chance of getting something good. c:
  2. Miss May


    Cloud isn't saddleback. It's not a different colour to pied, just the name for when the spots fall perfectly into place leaving no spots on the face. It's the name of the spot shape, and it's exactly the same as pied, just perfect markings as I said before. There is no such thing as "half saddleback" or "Split to saddleback", they either are or they aren't. It takes good breeding to get the patch on the back rounded perfectly, and the fact that he's a pet shop bird makes it even less likely as most pet shops don't care, let alone know about that sort of thing. Hope this helps c:
  3. Hi there, I've joined this site to learn more about my birds, and hopefully get some good advice on breeding c: I currently have an aviary with 5 zebra finches - 2 hens and 3 males - two pairs are sitting, due to hatch any day now. Nice to meet you all!