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  1. Hi, There will be a heatwave in Paris soon and I have my couple of zebra finches that is brooding eggs. It will probably be around 30°C in my flat and I` would like to know what I could do to increase their comfort. Of course they will have fresh water and a bath every day but I won't be at home during the day. I know they originally come from Australia but they won't find fresh spots in their cage. Thank you for your advice, Best, Mégane
  2. Hi, I bought a female and a male zebra finches 3 months ago (they had the little chick since then). The female has always been more voluminous than the male (like a ball). She eats and drinks well, she is not less active than the other zebra finches in the cage. Maybe she sleeps more during the day than the others. Her neck seems a little big, could you tell me if she is fat or obese ? (I feed them with a mix of seeds for zebra finches, sometimes I add vegetables. Maybe I give them millet too often ? sometimes I let a branch of millet in the cage until its gets completely eaten. When the parents were breeding, I gave them a lot of home-made preparation based on semolina and eggs) Thank you for your help ! Mégane
  3. Hi, I would like to hand-rear one future baby zebra finch to be able to interact with him when he will grow up. But I am at work all the day long. Is it possible to feed him the morning and the evening, and let the parents feeding him during the day ? (If yes, I would buy a nest box with a little door behind in order to not disturb the parents when I take the little chick to feed him) (Or should the chick stay in a separate cage and I must hand-rear him by myself until he grows up ?) Best, Mégane
  4. Thank you Garry ! My aviary is definitely smaller than yours !! I was also wondering if it is possible to have in a same aviary several zebra finches (that don't know each other) ,with number of males different from number of females, as long as there is no nest (no breeding stimulation), =as opposed to what I did, where I added some nests from the beginning and I removed them lately Thank you !
  5. Hi, I started with a couple of zebra finches almost one year ago. Since then, they had in total 5 chicks. Today they live all together in a single aviary. (The 3 first offsprings are already matures and the two last are still chicks) I observed a first "accident" two days ago : it seemed that one mature offspring male was attacking (almost to death) the father (I isolated the attacker in a little cage) Since then, the atmosphere is very tense in the aviary, everybody is chasing everybody. One big error I probably made is that I kept two nests in the aviary (one for the parents and one for the first clutch of 3 chicks) until yesterday (Yesterday I removed the two nest to remove the territoriality but it is probably too late) > My question is: how can a bring back peace in the aviary ? > Is it an utopia to keep a whole family in a single aviary without fighting ? Thank you ! Mégane
  6. Thank you !! I asked a new question about a potential mutant in another topic !
  7. Dear all, I have a couple of zebra finches that just had a little chick (He went outside the nest 2 days ago). I noticed that the parents already started to mate again. For now they seem to feed the chick without problem, but I am afraid they will abandon him at some point if they focus on their new eggs they will have soon. > When should I remove the nest to prevent a new breeding without disturbing the little chick ? > Also, can I increase the number of chick per clutch by increasing the size of the nest or something like that ? Thank you ! Best, Mégane
  8. Hi everyone , I got 1 zebra finch male and 1 zebra finch female two months ago. Unfortunately, the male died two weeks later. And the female stayed alone for 1 month and half.(she has been standing in front of its mirror for 1 month and half) yesterday, I brought a new zebra finch (It is supposed to be a male). I never heard him singing and tonight they started to fight for the nest. (For now the new zebra finch won’t Let the othe come in the nest! I have several questions: 1-what is the sex of the zebra on the pictures ? 2- how can I prevent the fighting ? thank you a lot !!