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  1. It is generally thought that breding Black face to black face results in too many dead in shel or chick die in a few days. BF X BF is supposed to be lethal gene. Normally I do not pairtwo birds of same mutation but to check this I three times paired BF to BF. My results were justs as good as my other breeding. If anyone else has any expereince of breeding BF X BF, I will like to know their results.
  2. I am new member from Pakistan. Although I also keep Cockatiels and Bourke Parakeet, my main interest is Exhibition Zebra-finch and Exhibition Budgerigars. I am in bird fancier and I am in this fancy for last over forty years. Occasionally I do enter my birds in Shows. My other interests are horses, dogs and gardening. I have joined this forum to learn from the experiences of other and share my experiences. I believe that there is no end to learning.