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  1. Rich

    Loving the rope

    Nice idea, just finished building a new outside flight think I will include a rope for them now as well.
  2. All 5 chicks are feeding themselves now and doing really well Interesting colour mix so far! As you say be interesting when they moult out at the moment 3 are all white ,one all gray and one is white but flecked over head back with grey . Think you are right about the cock bird .
  3. 5 in the nest look like 4 are chestnut flanked and one is going to be a fawn. lovely birds parents doing great feeding and looking after them eldest 3 chicks are 14 days.
  4. Will try to come along if time permits By the way my pair of CFW have 4 chicks 3 days old they didnt hang about.
  5. No not from breeder and not rung . Be great to have a visit sometime Did you have a successful breeding season?
  6. Hi Andyn, Yes the Razas would mix fine they are a lovely bird. Just finished my birdroom today so will be moving what I have in tomorrow . I have picked up a nice pair of Chestnut flanked Zebras recently . thanks Rich
  7. Just a short intro to say Hi ! Getting back into breeding/keeping birds again after far to long away from the hobby. Used to keep and breed Zebras and various other types of birds and canaries when I was younger and helped my Grandad out with his stud of Roller canaries . Just sorting a new birdroom out having recently moved house to Wiltshire and will be after some Zebra finch pairs later this year. I have at the moment 7 Raza canaries which I am going to be breeding from next year have been quite taken with these lovely little birds. Anyway thanks Rich