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  1. Hi 5 years ago I had 4 finches. Sadly 18 months ago, one passed away, I’m not sure if it was old age or whether he was ill. I have 3 left but about 10 weeks ago I noticed one of them had a droopy wing so I don’t know if he had been attacked by the other finch or whether he banged it when flying out of the cage or whether he is also old. So I decided to quarantine him in a small cage in case he had been attacked. I did put the cage next to the other one so he can see his brothers and still interact with them. His wing hIs still droopy so it looks like he’s not getting better. He has also changed colour like dark patches on his chest, does anyone know what that is? He still tweets and seems happy and eating/drinking well. I don’t know if to reintegrate him back into his cage or whether the other finches wouldn’t allow it. I also don’t know if to let him out of his cage I’m scared he might injure himself. Am I doing the right thing keeping him in his own small cage and not letting him out or should I change something? I just feel sorry for him sat there watching his brothers, poor thing. Any advice would be appreciated