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  1. Disappointing lack of response in this forum. What is the best source for learning how to manage zebra finches, and how to keep them happy.

    1. Zebraman


      Hi Paul,

      I'm sorry to hear that you have not had much responce to your question.

      I have replied to your post and hopfully this will give you some guidance for the future.

      If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to post or add to the topice.

  2. I too am very new to this, having had a wild young female fly into my kitchen exhausted and ragged After getting her strength back, I decided to keep her, and having read that they are sociable found a bigger cage and a male partner. I was unprepared when within 2 weeks she started laid an egg on the cage floor. I read the section on breeding in my new book, and provided a nest and nesting materials. First batch was 8 eggs of which 3 were broken. I had provided grit and cuttlefish for calcium. They put together a nest lining and sat for a few days, mostly the male, but appeared to get bored, and sat less and less preferring to play. After a week they weren’t even sleeping in the nest I removed the eggs after 15 days and they were cold . Next day she started laying another clutch of 7 eggs over about12 days. These they hardly sat on at all and again I removed the after 11 days. Straight away she started laying again, 5 but no sitting and they stripped the nest lining. i saw the advice on not allowing more than 4 clutches a year and am at a loss how to prevent this, short of separating them completely. Grateful for any advice on how to handle this so the hen doesn’t become exhausted.