Below is my recipe for egg food
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1. Take four large eggs and boil for approx fifteen minutes.  Egg Food 1
2. Remove the shells.  Egg Food 2


Place the shells in a suitable container and place in a microwave for forty seconds, leave to cool down and complete this exercise until the shells are crisp, but not burnt. This process removes any bacteria present in the shells and also makes them easier to crush.
 Egg Food 3
4.  Place a small amount of shells in the pestle and mortar  Egg Food 4
I use a pestle and mortar which I picked up from boots in the christmas sale for a fiver, I have also seen a similar product on sale in Quality Save for £2.99, if you have one local to you.
 Egg Food 5
6. Crush until the consistency is like oyster shell or grit. If you don't have the use of a pestle and mortar, then the shells can be crushed using a rolling pin or between two spoons.

Which ever method you use will be fine as long as you end up with shells that have been ground into smaller pieces.

 Egg Food 6
7. Remember not to over do it though, or you will end up with a fine powder, which may dry your mix up to much.

Egg shells are an excellent source of calcium for birds, but again like anything it should only be given in moderation. To much calcium may result in your birds producing thicker shells, which will ultimately mean the chick will struggle to get out (Dead in shell). If in doubt to little is better than to much.

 Egg Food 7
As you can see I'm a bit of a gadget freak and I use a blender for the next stage, it just makes the job easier and quicker. Local car boot sales are ideal places to pick them up, second hand ones can be obtained for as little as a fiver.
 Egg Food 8
9. On to the ingredients, I use several additions including, Safflower oil, cod liver oil, bread crumbs, couscous, ground digestive biscuits (cheapest you can find, 15p from Asda) and the ground eggs shell that you prepared earlier and of course your eggs.  Egg Food 9
10. At this point you can add or remove any of the ingredients so long as your birds enjoy what you give them. some breeders also add soaked seed.

Place your eggs into your blender, if you don't have access to one then they can be finely chopped in a dish with a knife, blend until finally chopped, but not to a pulp.

 Egg Food 10

Add approx half a cup to a cup of golden bread crumbs (35p Asda). I sneak them in to the shopping trolley when the wife's not looking?

Again the quantities are approximate
 Egg Food 11

Now add in your couscous and digestive if required, 1/4 of a cup of each.

If your adding couscous remember that this will need to be soaked overnight and thoroughly rinsed before use. Just a tip here, a little goes a long way.

 Egg Food 12
13.  Now add in your egg shells.  Egg Food 13
14.  About one tea spoon of cod liver oil.  Egg Food 14
15.  And or a tea spoon of safflower oil.  Egg Food 15
16.  Mix until you have a moist constancy, but again not to a pulp, your birds will not eat it if its over mixed, i.e. like a ball of pastry.  Egg Food 16

Place in a suitable container and feed as required. I usually give my birds two feeds a day, once in the morning and last thing in the evening.

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 Egg Food 17



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