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As the title says "Well I'd Never have believed this!!" I really mean that 100%.

Just take a look at this:    https://youtu.be/vTWs3BN0_NA

I think this says it all!

I'm really trying my hardest to improve my speech and 'Mum' seemed to be very pleased with me. Now she has she remembered she had a 'parrot' that talked - didn't need a cage, didn't need to be fed and didn't need to be cleaned !

Now please tell me how can I compete with that!!!

Mum doesn't say very much about the other two in front of me but I heard her telling a neighbour she thought the female (Piper) would soon be getting charged with 'domestic abuse'  It seemed that Darcy the male was wanting to feed Piper and she was having none of it -she lifted her leg stretched out her 'foot' and hit him in the stomach, guess she caught him off balance  because it seems he fell off the perch. Mum was annoyed that she didn't have her camera with her when that happened.

I am saying a lot more things now and I had a laugh yesterday - 'mum' had never heard me saying 'Hiya!' before. She always says this to my pals (her grandchildren) when the come and they shout that to her - but 'mum' always says 'Hallo' to me. 

So I tried out saying 'Hiya' as loud as I could and Mum answered, " I'll be there in a minute I'm getting the keys, the doors locked"

-you should have seen her face when she opened the door and there was nobody there!!!:lol:

So I did it again and she thought they were playing 'hide&seek' with her.  By then I think she was thinking it must have been her imagination then when she came in to see me later I greeted her with a loud, 'Hiya'  No I didn't get a telling off she just looked at me and said, "What a clever boy you are"  I was really 'chuffed' because  she gave e a tiny bit of a crisp:yahoo: 

6th May 2016 Bobby being spoiled yet again (2) - Copy.JPG

The she let me out from my cage and played with me for a while and I also got my favourite biscuit - a custard cream!

6th May 2016 Bobby being spoiled yet again (5) - Copy.JPG

While 'mum' is busy hand feeding the five cockatiel chicks I'm going to do some more work on increasing my vocabulary to give her some more surprises.

Bye for now






Peek-a-Boo everybody:


That's my latest game with 'mum'. but for the past 5 days I've been  VERY worried - I doubt you will believe me when I tell you why:(

There have been two more additions to the family :shok:  and their names are Piper and Darcy and they are 7years old, but the worrying thing is they are PARROTS!! and mum had said I was special and there would be no more!. 

Darcy and Piperrresized.jpg

O K they are not the same as me they are orange winged Amazon Parrots and are 7 years old- They told me they are married and hope to have some babies soon. now that is another worry - I definitely will not be roped into helping with any chicks that may appear. NO WAY!!

Tiko and Tika have been moved.  I can hear Tika but I can't see her anymore they  are in a different room now .The cockatiels have been moved too but they are still beside me in the conservatory. Percy and Darcy have been given the WHOLE of the double cage --  I thought I would eventually be getting that!

I was a bit happier yesterday when things started to get moved about again, My pals, (mum's grandson and his dad) did all the moving of the cages and when it was finished Piper and Darcy were nowhere to be seen.  :yahoo:

I soon came back to earth with a bang! She hadn't got rid of them they were just in another area outside.

So now I need to keep on my best behaviour and try to please 'Mum'

2nd May 2016 Bobby 9 months old (11)resized.jpg

I started that this morning by going to sit beside  her on the chair in the conservatory and let her scratch my head. She was so pleased she even took a video of me.

(you can have a peek at it but don't let her know I've copied this:https://youtu.be/ZVQQU1RBuL4    


I think she really likes me but she wouldn't let me get some of her crisps. She actually caught me trying  to get into the packet.


I'll be back soon

Bye for now.




Well I never thought this would happen, guess 'mum' must really miss teaching because she has decided to start a beginners class, I'm sure she said it would be the same as being in Primary 1.- the first Infants BUT so far it seems I'm going to be the only pupil.!?!

I can't understand why Tika and Tiko and also the cockatiels are not being made go to school too? 

Maybe it will help me to speak properly and stop me trying to say too many things at the same time.:D

She got a surprise today when she heard me copying what she keeps saying to Rabelou  when she wants him back in.  When I first heard her making this 'sound'  I thought she had been watching too many 'cowboy and Indian' films- she sounded just like one of the Indian braves getting ready to go and try to scalp someone!  Maybe that is why Rabelou obeys that command. 

She told me she has ordered  a 'teaching' toy for me and its NOT to be CHEWED and that it had arrived today but she is not allowing me to see it yet! :( even when I said to her, "I love you!" the answer was still NO!

Apart from teaching me new words we had some fun today. She was playing a game with me to teach me to say 'Peek-a-Boo' that was an easy one. Then out came my favourite treats -sugar snap peas and custard creams but I had to work ******* the next lesson before I got a taste of them. . I only wished she had made up her mind what she was asking me to do  - first it was 'shake my hand' then it was 'How do you do?' (that to me sounded silly--  how do I do WHAT??)  OK it was my foot she was referring to when she said 'hand' but she has always said I use my feet like a person would use their hands  - Bet she couldn't do that with her feet:lol:

She took a short video of the training session and I've managed to sneak a link to it for you all to see.


Time for my bed now but I'll be back to see you all again soon.







My New Room??

Sorry I haven't let you know about my  moving  before now, but I'm just getting settled in. 

My new cage is here and it has been built up and guess where it has been put??!!  In the conservatory - (if you could call it that!), from  what I see it is filled with boxes of all sorts of things to get sorted out -I think it's all the things the other birds use too.  I think the next thing I'll be saying will be:  "This must get done tomorrow"  because 'Mum' has been saying this every day for a while now but nothing seems to change.

I've still not been allowed  out to fly with Tika yet -I think 'Mum' doesn't trust me! but if I tell the truth it's ME that doesn't trust Tika!

I think once 'Mum' finally does get things sorted out it will be quite nice in the conservatory, it's nice and light and gets the sun too, and 'Mum' has put in a large fan just in case it gets too hot. 


As you can see I've been doing a bit of 'sightseeing' and this was as high as I could go - no windows open so I just had to come down again -why? there was 'Mum' standing looking up and she had a custard cream biscuit in one hand and a sugar snap pea in the other - now that was too much of a temptation for me so she did win that time.;)

I have lots of nice company in the conservatory, There's Tika and Tiko the Barraband Parrots and 5 cockatiels- one of them is always calling me 'Cheeky Chops' and is constantly asking me for a kiss! I think he must really like my BIG beak.

I can't find the photo of me in my new cage but I'm sure 'mum' will be taking more photos of me soon (that is when she stops taking photos of the tiny chicks she is feeding just now

(I think I'm going to be in 'Mum's Bad Book when she discovers I've chewed through not only the new perch she bought for my cage but also the large perch that came with my cage. I'll just have to remind her that I'll need all the proof I can gather for my CV if I want to qualify as a first class demolisher. Just thinking those blinds in the conservatory look good too:rolleyes:)







I'm Taking Over!

I thinking my 'mum' is neglecting telling you all about my progress so, as the title says from now on I'm taking over her Blog  although I shouldn't say this I think she is on the 'Go-Slow' and shouldn't have so many birds (at least that's what I keep hearing  her family say! -  hope she doesn't read this or I may be the first to go:o- that's what I've heard people say,  "The last one in is the first one out":shok: 

Well, never mind-- 'Mum' is really OK so let's get on with my progress.

I think I've got a secret admirer and her name is Tika but the problem is she is already sharing a cage with Tiko but she is the same colour as me but not the same type of bird, but now in this generation it seems that doesn't matter;) She is always coming to sit on the top of my cage and looks down at me and she has scared Tiko away when he came close but  'Mum' wont let me out at the same time as Tika -wonder why?

56e9dc3764c97_BobbyandTika.thumb.JPG.92c     This isTika on top of my cage.

I've been getting LOTS of treats lately I think Mum is trying to discover what my favourite things are and she has managed to get me to fly onto her arm to get the sugarsnap peas - they are even better than the custard cream biscuit I sometimes get.

I do love Chicory as well so most of my food is healthy food but no way will Mum let me taste the chocolate that she eats or the coffee she  drinks - I can't understand why she wont let me get a taste of that when she eats so much of that herself and is never without a cup of coffee beside her! 

56e9ddc47bdd4_bobbywithchicory.thumb.jpg Me enjoying my Chicory

I'm off to bed now -- I need at least 9 hours sleep every night because if I don't get that I can become a bit 'Grumpy'

I think I heard Mum say my new cage will be arriving on Friday I'll tell you about that when it comes -Just hope I like it!





Changing Cages!

Before I could transfer Bobby to a slightly larger cage (not his final one- still to order that yet:rolleyes:) I had a few days making sure that the 3 plus 2 cockatiels would get on OK together in the same cage.

For almost a week I have had the 5 of them out together flying free and one of them was determined to be the Big Boss so I had to be certain there would be no fighting when they were all in the same cage!  Bobby was patient and just sat in his cage and watched them -not sure about allowing Bobby out with them at the same time. 

The next step was to tempt Bobby into the other larger cage but he's very alert and seems to read my mind. So I just clipped the two cages together and put some of his favourite food into the new cage and left him to make  up his own mind.

When I returned he was in the larger cage  but it was obvious he didn't like the perches and although he seems to like the wooden beads on the swing he has yet to sit on the swing.

While he was having his free flying time this gave me the chance to swop his favourite perch  from his old cage into the new one  and it worked!

I stayed with him while he was flying about and he did come onto my arm when I tempted him with chicory what I didn't expect was that he must have thought that  I would be a bit more tasty and proceeded to try out my arm (OUCH!) good job I had a thick sweater on. The good thing was he did stay on my arm and let me walk with him and when I sat down he stayed there and continued to eat the chicory. 

Guess he's going to be OK -- after all is said and done  'Rome wasn't built in a day!'

 (p.s.--. (It's ME Bobby-I didn't want  to hurt Mum's  feelings but there was a wee bit too much fat there for me so I’ll stick to my proper food from now on ;))


Guess this will have to do me meantime!



In Training for a New Job!

10th February 2016

Thought I had better write this rather than 'Mum' because if I let her tell you she may  use some words she shouldn't and get banned from the forum.

Yesterday when 'Mum' left me.in the shower room on my own I did some investigating. I thought a  few things  need to be sorted in the shower room but before I could get started 'Mum' was back with a rich tea biscuit and with me that definitely comes first before work!

So today I was allowed free flying time and Mum told me she would be back in 5 minutes. Now that wasn't leaving me much time to get the work done and I wanted to do a good job so it could go on my record, if and when I had to apply for a job.as an experienced demolisher!


In my opinion there were plastic strips which were of no use and they also got in the way when I tried to perch, if they were removed I'd get a better grip. Strip No. 1 was easy because I had practised on it before.


I was just started to strip No. 2  when - bet you have guessed it- 'Mum' came back in and from what  I was hearing she was NOT amused. 

As usual out came her camera to get evidence-( I didn't mind too much because in the future I could use that as proof that I was a good demolisher)


.I thought I was just as well to get 'hung' for a sheep as for a lamb' so I decided to just finish the job.


Strip no 2 fell to the floor - In my opinion ,'Job Well Done' (Just wished I had to use hearing aids then I could have removed them and then I wouldn't have heard all those loud words Mum was using.;))


I finished by putting on my 'Sorry Mum' look but I'm not stupid,  by now I knew she wanted me back in my cage and even if she was angry with me she would  have to give me a treat before I go back in-  Well at least I did deserve it after all that hard work.


As the title says this blog is about the new addition to my 'mini zoo' ;)

Perhaps I should start off getting members to guess who/what Bobby is ? and that's what I'm going to do!:lol:

(After some good laughs, their comments/guesses were hilarious, It was Andyn who guessed correctly :good:)

Is it an animal?  Is it a bird?  or is it something else?:P 

One clue I'll give is I've always wanted this ? and I hope it will be happy living with me.

Now no cheating! some members will already know what this is -- so they can answer this post but are banned from telling what it is.:rolleyes:

Pictures etc will come later -- that's if I'm still here to post the results  after my family finds out what I've done (lol) .

Just curious - just how many members will be willing to have a guess!

(Read the comments at the end to discover the 'guesses' that members posted:lol:)


January 25th 2016

Hi everybody, this is Bobby typing. (My New Mum doesn't realise just how clever I am or she would have closed down the computer before going out to see to the other birds.)

Yesterday was priceless!  I did a 'Houdini' on her!   I had been given some treats to get me to go back into my cage-- I know what I'm doing here -the longer I take to go in the more treats I get - but I don't overdo it -I'm wise to that -if she thought about it-  my treats would perhaps disappear.

Well I did go back in and she locked all the doors of my cage then went to the other room.  I maybe young but I'm a quick learner and in a very short time I had undone the lock and opened the door of the cage and decided to have a look around  from the top of the cage.  I was really comfortable and forgot to be quiet and when I saw that 4 legged thing lying sleeping on the settee I thought I'd waken it and introduce myself so I shouted, 'HELLO!'

Well I had heard my previous owner TALK  about Superman and Flash Gordon but this was the first time I had actually MET the two of them combined. Odd thing was they  looked like my new Mum.  So I decided I'd join in the fun and try out MY flying skills. 

I had always thought Mum was slow at getting about in the house but I must have been wrong so I decided I'd stop flying and sit still and watch for a while.

Woosh!! doors were banged shut. How she managed to close all three doors in seconds was a miracle.

The 4 legged sleepy thing on the settee was Rabelou - a dog :rolleyes: he was grabbed and held tight. Next she 'flew' to the sink to empty soapy water she had been using to wash the dishes. I heard her giving a sigh of relief but she must have forgotten I was still not in my cage - just great!!  Rabelou wasn't happy because he got locked up in his cage. 

Now I was out from my cage I was just as well to make the most of it and do a bit of exploring, which I did.  My only problem is I just can't resist Rich Tea Biscuits and Mum had just taken one from the new packet and the only way I was going to get a bit was to make my way back into my cage- which I did.

Mum was now on the 'Go Slow!' but I had had a great time.


You'll never guess what she has gone and done now?!!

She's tied up my escape route with string and got clothes pegs on all other exits of my cage-  So I'm not sure when I'll get access to her computer again, but until the next time. Cheerio!   from Bobby



January 27th 2016

Bobby is still in the cage he came in but I'm going to move him sooner than I was advised into the bigger cage. 

Everything seemed to be going wrong this morning and even Rabelou, (dog)  didn't want to go out because it was heavy rain:huh: When I found a big 'puddle' on the floor below Bobby's cage that was the final straw and I got hold of the dog and said,  'rain or no rain out you go!! '  So I cleaned  up and then let the dog back in -- he was like a 'drookit rat' I was thinking deserves him right he should have barked to get out in the first place.

5 minutes later yet another puddle on the floor below Bobby's cage??:o This just couldn't be Rabelou again!! then I noticed the water was dripping from the table where Bobby's cage  was sitting.  When I looked at Bobby, his head was soaking wet -  he must have been trying to have a bath in his drinking water.  Not content with the mess he had already made he took the edge of the water dish and tipped the remainder of the water out. Guess he was trying to tell me something:rolleyes: 

So I got out the water spray and I just wished I had been able to video the next part, he sat on his perch and first lifted one wing to let me spray underneath it then the other one. When I was finished Bobby looked like Rabelou-- drookit! :lol:

Both of them look good now but Bobby will be getting moved very soon so he will have access to a bath in his cage and I wont have wet floors and  Rabelou will be relieved to know he wont be getting blamed for something he wouldn't and didn't do. I felt really bad at having put Rabelou out in the rain when I should have known he was Not Guilty! :(

I'm beginning to think that Bobby is beginning to act like a young  child with an attitude!   (lol) (Think I've just realised parrots are more  intelligent than I have ever given them credit for ! )


February 7th 2016

56b7bef070a6d_29thJanuary2016(2).thumb.J  Bobby actually came onto my arm to get his greens.  Must admit his feet felt cool but it's progress.  

 I'm sure he can read my mind. I was thinking what would be the next step to get Bobby to fly onto my arm instead of 'stepping up' ?  To get him to step up I just rested my arm along the top of the cage so he just had to lift his foot and he  was on my arm, he stayed on my arm until he got a taste of what was on the menu then literally grabbed it in his beak and flew to the top of the shower cubicle where I couldn't reach him. After a few times I thought I would make it a bit more difficult for him, so I moved my arm off the cage so he would have to jump to get onto my arm. Yes he did come to the edge of the top of the cage, actually stared at me,  then started to walk backwards and just sat there. He seemed to realise he was being tricked. (At least that's what I thought) So it's back to square one.

Today was hilarious, Bobby's cage is close to the cockatiels' cage, and some of my cockatiels can 'talk/sing'     Today it became very obvious that Bobby is listening to them because Dallas (one of the cockatiels that sing/talks) was on performing mode and one of the things he does is sings the first part then goes Putt! Putt! but what was happening today was a duet Dallas singing the first part and Bobby providing the ending Putt! Putt! and I missed getting it on video!

56b7c85eb4d89_28thJanuary2016...thumb.jp                                                                                                                                                                                                          (My 'mum' tried to trick me again today this time with a grape but I was too quick, she can't reach me here, so  now I can eat my treat in peace:good:)



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