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Thinking about next year

Penny W


Well, I paid my subs for the ZFS again and have ordered my rings ready for January, so now it's time to think about who will produce my youngsters! I spent last week sorting out all my stock, I have a few youngsters that were born in July, August and September so I returned them to their respective flights. I then sorted the cocks and hens into 'mine' and those bought in.

This weekend I sorted out all my breeding cages while observing my birds to decide who should pair with who (referencing my book to ensure I didn't go for close relatives - thank goodness for records!)

By last night I had  13 pairs of zebras down, also 2 pairs of Hecks and 1 pair of star finches. Up until now the only finch other than zebras that I have successfully managed to breed are Bengalese so I await results - the star finches and one pair of hecks are proven pairs who have bred before (for someone else).

I have increased my finch collection with some Timors - so have had to order some smaller rings! We are planning to put one or 2 pairs down but the trouble is we don't know how old they are - we were told they are this years birds so may be too young.

We are planning on putting some nest boxes around in the 'foreign' flight to see whether some of them may breed in that environment. We visited an amazing set up on Saturday (featured in an August edition of Cage and Aviary) which has got us wondering if we can enclose and insulate our outside flight so they can have the space all winter. Watch this space!!

We have decided to put a conservatory on the back of our house so we can sit and watch the birds in all weathers which will be nice.

Its amazing to think that I only got my fist birds just 14 months ago, I now have probably about 130 representing 10 different species! Oops - my hobby is taking over!



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Well done Penny.

I think you are doing things right but if you have already put nest boxes in for Zebies you could end up with chicks too big for rings when they arrive 6th Jan.

If that does happen, you could use a little slippage assistance on the inside of ring. Perhaps try a little water/spit first. If no go, try mild washing up liquid or failing that good old Vaseline. But clean off any excess of the last two items. 

Good luck with all your birds.


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to time it right for rings 2 n week in December. if it goes to plan an the rings do come on the 6th you should be alright.... but the best laid plans of mice and men!!!! with exhibition zebs I have gad to ring birds at 6 days old rather then the normal 7- 9.... then you will have a problem getting the rings on.. something else to try if they are a little tight is olive oil...

good luck with the breeding


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