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  1. I'm in ireland so if anyone from around here id love to buy a pair of triple black and triple orange zebras.
  2. I'm nearly considering paying the extra for the black breast and then paying near 100 for triple blacks and oranges to have them delivered
  3. Expensive petshop has a black breast cock for 5 times the original price and triple black/ triple orange are no where to be seen near me..
  4. MrMe3257

    My latest baby cockatiel

    My oh my I imagine it would be hard work to hand feed them, i watched my tiel grow over two years ago but it was parent raised. Thinking of handfeeding tiels myself or at least learning how to. Stephen.
  5. MrMe3257

    failed again !!!

    Its not often petshops can tell the difference in sexes just a heads up.
  6. MrMe3257

    Society finches

    Some of my zebra chicks who are just about weaned still beg and get fed by my socities when their original parents. Lovely lil birds, mine raised 3 youngsters last year
  7. My societies had two eggs that were fertile.. after a week and a half of them hatching I realise one isn't a society.. waiting for the other one to get feathers so hopefully I have one society
  8. MrMe3257

    My First Ever Zebra Finches

    I have 3 bengies after reading about foster parents etc. I never used them as fosters yet but I have paired them up first before my zebs so hopefully ill have more foster parents when the newbies are paired up. Stephen
  9. MrMe3257

    Cfw Hen X Lightback Male?

    The eggs should hatch next week so Ill know if he's split Cfw then. They had eggs end of last autumn but never hatched out, covered eggs but never laid more.this year seems better. Thanks Stephen
  10. What would the expected outcome be? Hen is split for bc Stephen
  11. MrMe3257

    Bad To Worse.

    Mice dont bother me as they dont bother with birds just food whereas rats are alot worse and the small one went for the dog while in the cage. So I kinda was protecting my pets and everyone else because if that rat was released it could only get bigger. I normally release the small harmful animals between the finch who got caught in a live mouse trap to the frog found in the gutter of our two story house.
  12. MrMe3257

    Bad To Worse.

    I've had a mouse caught in 1/2X1/2 wire where it couldn't go in or out so me being me rescued it and set it free on my way to school.Now where it gets interesting I sat in the aviary feeding quail meal worms when a black figure scaled down the wire... a big dirty rat so out the humane rat trap and next day there was an 8 inch rat caught. There was no way I was letting him out so I drowned him. The day after a zebra lost her tail, at first I taught it was the other zebra's but I set the trap up again. On January 1st there was a 12 inch rat in it!!
  13. MrMe3257

    Bb Cfw

    Bb tail bars are vertical rather than horisontal and hourglass shaped bars mean its split black breasted. Had a great start finally caught the rat (2rats actually)that took my hen cfw/bc tailfeathers clean out and it turned out to be 12 inches long!!! Two weeks before I had a mouse caught in the wire and couldnt get in or out.
  14. MrMe3257

    Bb Cfw

    Could it be a white instead of cfw as cfw has tear marks whereas whites dont? A pic would help. Stephen