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  1. Sam

    2014 Bfbc/bb Chick

    very nice looking bird !
  2. Sam

    My Young Normals 2014

    seems nice ! post pics when they're colored up
  3. Sam

    Does This Bf Carry Ob

    i think this cock is a well colored Blackface split obbb
  4. Sam

    Eumo Blackcheek Zebra Finch

    very nice !
  5. Sam

    Triple Blacks

  6. Sam

    2 More (What Do You Think)

    i don't think these are bb, must be dark BF birds (1st perhaps melanistics)
  7. Sam

    What Could This Be?

    as Pete say, it's not a eumo but a melanistic bird
  8. Sam

    Youngsters 2013

    very nice cfw !
  9. hello Emmy your cock is an ob split bb, the hen is a bb( she can carry ob but i can't see it) you can expected 50% bb chicks wait see how the chick colored to well know parent's genetics
  10. yes i think that they came from grey make they have good marking but the color of the bird is not warm enough
  11. parents are ccfw split fawn cock and ccfw hen i've paired the first hen with a ccfw fawn cock and the 2d with a fawn split ccfw cock, i hope younsters will be good
  12. two hens from own breeding 2011 for next breeding season
  13. Sam


    now that work
  14. Sam


    here is one of my exhibition continental cfw
  15. Sam


    hi Dimitri nice bcbf ! as you mentioned, it doesn't exist black flanked zf but i've see some normal with very darkbrown side, perhaps with selection dark flanked zf can be obtained but for a black flanked zf we'll wait for a new mutation ! Sam